23 Feb 2018

Wendy Van Riesen

i. I work as a: ​textile artist; designing clothing as canvases to paint. ~ ii. I do this creative work because: ​I love to tell stories through sculpture, movement, imagery and colour.​ ~ iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: Curiosity, humour, trust and boundless energy. ~

19 Feb 2018

Andre Petterson

When the rain is unforgiving and the wind raging sideways, the goal is to get to Destination A and back to the car before umbrella and spirit go to pieces. Yet, on this torrential afternoon, we did stop, turn and go back to stare at a painting in the window of

18 Feb 2018

Love Balls On 4th

If you’ve been walking Kits on 4th Avenue since Valentine’s Day, you will have noticed Big Love Balls in store windows up and down the street. Light pink, fuschia pink, purple, white. The heart-happy balls are the work of local artist, Wendy Williams Watt.~ ~ ~ Williams Watt, who is also

16 Feb 2018

Lucky Clementines

Happy Lunar New Year! Prosperity, happiness and good health to you as we usher in the Year of the Dog. One of the most commonly offered symbols of good fortune and abundance is the orange, particularly of the clementine variety. Our orange offerings come in the form of beautiful paintings.

13 Feb 2018

Virtue + Moir

Three days in and the Canadian figure skating team was holding strong at gold medal position. Patrick Chan had bounced back to a first place finish in the men’s free. Gabrielle Daleman had secured Canada’s gold with her strong third place finish after Alina Zagitova and Mirai Nagasu. In pursuit of

11 Feb 2018

Pages. Manhattan Beach

You can learn a lot about a place from its independent bookstores. One of our favourites is Pages in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. We spoke to Margot Farris, the Vancouver born and bred co-founder. What is it that you think makes Pages so unique? It is an independent bookstore created

09 Feb 2018

Toy Boat Tipping

‘It’s hull near full, its sail soaked, the little toy boat looked like it would sink. How it missed the boy!’ Yet, in this wonderful 2007 board book – written by Randall de Sève and illustrated by Loren Long, whose drawings you know from The Little Engine That Could –

06 Feb 2018

Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin

i. I work as a… When people ask me what I do and I know they are looking for the “10 second polite party banter” version, I go with “I bake pies”. Which, while perhaps erroneously conjuring images of early mornings in a commercial bakery, isn’t strictly speaking untrue. The

04 Feb 2018

Raspberry Liqueur

Thank Ida. If you like raspberries, take a moment to show some gratitude to Ida. According to Greek mythology, baby Zeus’ nursemaid nymph, Ida, was picking snow-white berries for her young charge. When she pricked her finger with a thorn, her blood dripped onto the berries, staining them red for

02 Feb 2018

The Dome

If you’re strolling the seawall on the night of February 8th, take a look over at the Science World dome. You’ll see its 391 lights and 766 triangles rippling with colour – the Fireworks display – in honour of the Science of Cocktails charity event happening inside. This Sunday, the