21 Apr 2017

Piñata People

If you were at the Elton John concert in Victoria, you would have seen Sir Rocket Man accept a birthday piñata in his likeness. It was a memorable moment, especially for artist and local founder of Your Piñata, Meaghan Kennedy. “Y’a know in front of 9000 people, nbd. Such an amazing sight! He

18 Apr 2017

Derek Healey ⊄

Breaking New Ground: ⊄ We are talking to a range of creators about their creative process, particularly when they take their work in a new direction, breaking new creative ground. We will be including excerpts from the interviews on the Creators Vancouver site, starting with noted composer, Derek Healey. Healey has won

18 Apr 2017

Feast Tofino

Tofino is one of those places that beckons you back. First, there are the infinite beaches –  dramatic in winter, playland in summer. Surf, swim, walk or sit, you won’t be bored. Then, there are the forest hikes, the ocean adventures, the artists and the innovative, fresh food. If you are thinking

16 Apr 2017

A-maze-ing Laughter

“ A smile doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. It could be something else.” So says artist Yue Minjun, known for his paintings of men bending under the weight of their laughter. The man who is so artfully captured closing his eyes with pained glee is Mr. Yue himself. As he told the New

14 Apr 2017

Evan Biddell

Did you watch Project Runway Canada? If so, you might remember Evan Biddell – self-taught, outspoken, superhero-inspired and winner of Season 1. Biddell has gone onto a thriving fashion career with well-received collections and ever-creative showings at Fashion Week. “People have come to expect the unexpected with my shows.” For

11 Apr 2017

13 Canadian Food Inventions

If you are hiking in the deep woods and want to avoid a grisly bear encounter, the advice is clear: make lots of noise to let them know you’re coming. Avoid areas with fresh bear tracks and droppings. Keep your pets at your side and leave the bacon and fish fries

09 Apr 2017

Don Mowatt Q/A

Don Mowatt, performer and author, has built a rich career in Vancouver. He was a major radio producer at CBC, where he accumulated an endless shelf of awards – ACTRA, New York Audio Arts, George F. Peabodys. “My specialty was doing feature documentaries at CBC, which combined my background in music, journalism

09 Apr 2017

Creative Cities US

Which cities in the US do you consider to be particularly rich in the arts? Visual Capitalist, a Vancouver digital media company, worked with Homes to develop a Creative City Index to analyze just that question. In their overall results, New York placed first, with San Francisco, Seattle, LA and

09 Apr 2017

Fusion Fritters

You will find splendid examples of fusion in Vancouver: in food, drink, music, art, fashion. Yesterday, we took cover from the rain – rain, rain, go away – with lunch at Minami in Yaletown. Minami – ‘a beautiful wave’ –  is the creation of Siego Nakamura, who named this second location after

07 Apr 2017

Sakura Days

  What with the snow and the record-breaking chill, it’s a little late this year. Finally, we’re celebrating the start of cherry blossom season in Vancouver. From morning til night, people are following the city block maps to photograph those blossoms that have already bloomed. Others are peering out the window,