18 Jun 2017

Platform 7 3/4

If redheaded families are dispatching young wizards into the walls, we muggles cannot see it. We can enjoy the train station vibe at Platform 7 Coffee, be it the stop on East Hastings or the next one West on Broadway. From the arched ceiling fixtures to the four-person booths, candied donuts and spill-proof

04 Jun 2017

Peanut Butter Cup Pie

“What do you prefer, madam: an open or a closed coffyn?” “And what about the legs? Should we leave them hanging off the side for easy carrying?” These are not the questions of an old British madman. These are the questions of an old British pie-maker. The ‘coffyn’ was the

14 May 2017

Blackberry Port Cider + Scot Pine

Happy Mother’s Day to Mums and those celebrating their Mums. If you’re looking for a local tipple to end your Mother’s Day dinner, consider Black Applejack from the Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse on the Saanich Peninsula, north of Victoria. Sea Cider was founded by Kristen Needham, Cidermaster and sixth-generation farmer.

09 May 2017

I Love Lucy Chocolates

Do you remember the scene where Lucille Ball and her best friend Ethel Mae Mertz are at the chocolate factory trying to eat their way through a conveyor belt gone mad? Job Switching, the original episode, aired in 1952. Yet kids whose parents weren’t even born then have seen the GIFs and video. To

18 Apr 2017

Feast Tofino

Tofino is one of those places that beckons you back. First, there are the infinite beaches –  dramatic in winter, playland in summer. Surf, swim, walk or sit, you won’t be bored. Then, there are the forest hikes, the ocean adventures, the artists and the innovative, fresh food. If you are thinking

11 Apr 2017

13 Canadian Food Inventions

If you are hiking in the deep woods and want to avoid a grisly bear encounter, the advice is clear: make lots of noise to let them know you’re coming. Avoid areas with fresh bear tracks and droppings. Keep your pets at your side and leave the bacon and fish fries

09 Apr 2017

Fusion Fritters

You will find splendid examples of fusion in Vancouver: in food, drink, music, art, fashion. Yesterday, we took cover from the rain – rain, rain, go away – with lunch at Minami in Yaletown. Minami – ‘a beautiful wave’ –  is the creation of Siego Nakamura, who named this second location after

07 Apr 2017

Sakura Doughnuts

As you celebrate the Vancouver cherry blossoms, you might want to dash down early to Lucky Doughnuts to try a limited edition Sakura treat. They make a few each day and will stop this year’s bunch once they run out of ingredients. This ode to our pink streets is a Bismarck filled with

17 Mar 2017

St. Paddy Treats @ Granville Island

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May your day be full of green hats, green drinks and green food. There is green beer and spaghetti on offer across the city. If your Irish heart is happier at home, Granville Island has lots of fresh green to bring to your table. OLF Co   Laurelle’s Fine

26 Feb 2017

Lucky Limoncello

When we were in Italy a few years ago, our city to city tour had us on a no-nonsense schedule. While the ‘younger’ among us were happy to crash into bed after the multi-course dinners, Fanny from Kansas was hosting Limoncello parties. This eighty-something matriarch was coaxing her daughters, granddaughters and any