10 Dec 2017

Holiday Hobbs

If you don’t have the energy to create your own lantern-lit, mulled thermos, winterland hike, there are alternatives. To breathe in fresh cedar and pine while sipping fresh coffee and listening to holiday music, head down to Southlands Nursery. You can wind through candlelit paths while admiring a thicket of beautiful, healthy plants: holiday whites,

01 Dec 2017

Can You See Us Vancouver?

If holiday shopping has you kicking bells and cursing elves, it might be time for an art break. Right now, at the Pendulum Gallery on Georgia, you’ll find Can You See Us Vancouver, a wonderful small exhibit put on by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture. Nine artists – all of whom

21 Nov 2017

Nutcracker ’17

In 1892, when the Nutracker premiered in St. Petersburg, it was hardly a hit. Said one noisy critic: ‘In the first scene the entire stage is filled with children, who run about, blow their whistles, hop and jump, are naughty, and interfere with the oldsters dancing. In large amounts this is

12 Nov 2017

Angel Of Victory

On this Remembrance Day weekend, you might notice more people than usual stopping by a certain sculpture at the edge of Gastown. It was Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, a London-born sculptor, who created this Angel of Victory. The Angel lives outside the Waterfront Station, with her back to the North Shore. The

07 Nov 2017

Queen Elizabeth’s Portrait Collection

The good news: you’ve been commissioned to paint a portrait of Queen Elizabeth. You have now ensured yourself a place in history. People across the globe will see your work. The scary news: the knives are already out. Why you? Dodgy choice. Hate it already. And what about Her Majesty? What

27 Oct 2017

Leaf Year

Can we take a moment to rave about the leaves in Vancouver this fall? What kind of weather hoodoo has brought us these amazing colours? I can’t remember a year where the trees looked so vibrant. Photographers and painters are out in full force.  The cherry blossom selfie sticks have found new life.

20 Oct 2017

The Beautiful Brain

Santiago Ramón y Cajal started sketching the brain in the 1800s, yet his more than 3,000 drawings  are still in use today. This Nobel-prize winning ‘Father of Neuroscience’ was as much artist as scientist. From an early age, he showed the single-mindedness found in so many exceptional brains. When birds

13 Oct 2017

City On Edge

“When I say human, you say rights.” “Human.” “Rights.” “Human.” “Rights.” “When I say people, you say power.” “People.” “Power.” “People.” “Power.” As mad threats, citizen sorting and power abuses cloud the news, it’s somehow comforting to sit in the middle of the Museum of Vancouver’s City on Edge exhibit and

10 Oct 2017

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubblebath

This 2017 mural was created by artists David Ullock and Douglas Nhung. ‘Finally finished up this collab mural with the master,’ wrote Ullock on Instagram. ‘This was both of our first mural, and the whole thing is freehand – no projectors used. I am ecstatic with how it turned out.

06 Oct 2017

Fall @ Granville Island

It’s hard to argue with the weather we’ve been having: plant-quenching night dew, crisp morning sun and shorts-happy afternoons.  As the leaves start to turn, Granville Island artisans and food vendors are tricking out their stands with the warm spices and colours of Fall.