19 May 2017

Vintage British Car Show

Name the best car ever created. Ask that question of car enthusiasts, then don your protective headwear and stand well back. The Discovery Channel asked 2,000 British drivers for their greatest car picks, and their survey said: i. Jaguar E-Type ii. The Mini iii. Porsche 911 iv. Volkswagen Beetle v. Aston Martin

16 May 2017

Popping The Question In Vancouver

Vancouver ranks #11 in most popular cities for Instagrammers to propose. This according to the UK’s Ingle & Rhode analysis of proposal hashtags and 250,000 photos. #Best Cities For Proposals 1.New York 2. L.A. 3. Seattle 4. Miami 5. Chicago 6. Toronto 7. London 8. San Diego 9. Orlando 10. Sydney

12 May 2017

The Show @ Emily Carr

If you are interested in getting an early look at the next generation of young artists in Vancouver, start with the end of year show at Emily Carr University. On until May 21st at the Granville Island campus, you can see works from Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates. It’s a great

05 May 2017

$1.49 Day at the Old W

If you have been around Vancouver for a good while, you’ll remember the Woodward’s Department Store whistle. $1.49 day Woodward’s $1.49 day Tuesday Cue whistling.. Below, you’ll find the long version of Tony Antonias’ jingle, the one you couldn’t help but join in with some whistling of your own. As New Westminster resident

21 Apr 2017

Piñata People

If you were at the Elton John concert in Victoria, you would have seen Sir Rocket Man accept a birthday piñata in his likeness. It was a memorable moment, especially for artist and local founder of Your Piñata, Meaghan Kennedy. “Y’a know in front of 9000 people, nbd. Such an amazing sight! He

16 Apr 2017

A-maze-ing Laughter

“ A smile doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. It could be something else.” So says artist Yue Minjun, known for his paintings of men bending under the weight of their laughter. The man who is so artfully captured closing his eyes with pained glee is Mr. Yue himself. As he told the New

07 Apr 2017

Sakura Days

  What with the snow and the record-breaking chill, it’s a little late this year. Finally, we’re celebrating the start of cherry blossom season in Vancouver. From morning til night, people are following the city block maps to photograph those blossoms that have already bloomed. Others are peering out the window,

04 Apr 2017

Capturing Vancouver

In a City of Glass, bound by mountains and sea, photographers will thrive. Photoconceptualism – or ‘The Vancouver School’ –  includes world-renowned artists like Vikky Alexander, Roy Arden, Stan Douglas, Rodney Graham, Ken Lum, Jeff Wall and Ian Wallace. Jeff Wall: Tableaux, Pictures, Photographs 1996-2013 gives us a vivid glimpse into Wall’s pioneering work in cinematographic re-creations. “Something

28 Mar 2017

Sketching Vancouver

It always seems so romantic: sitting on the crest of a hill, charcoal in hand, sketching the beach below and the mountains beyond. But, if everything you sketch looks like a puddle or an elf’s bonnet, the experience soon loses its lustre. Thankfully, Michael H.X. Zhu has created a sketchbook

26 Mar 2017

GOT Music

And so he spoke, and so he spoke That Lord of Castamere And now the rains weep o’er his halls With no one there to hear. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you hear the cello working its way into the Rains of Castamere, you know that winter