13 May 2016

Hamilton Update

Alas, no ticket genies. A kindly, if misinformed, gentleman suggested we try the Cancellation line. “Go at 5. You’ll be first in line. Any one show might have 1 to 10 cancellations and they’ll sell the tickets by order in the line.” Well…Here is what we learned, in case you

10 May 2016

New York Shows I

It’s May in New York and we’re seeing shows! Hamilton? Nope. We weren’t lucky enough to get regular tickets nor win the daily lottery. We are not about to pony up the $800-$1000 needed to assuage the middlemen. But, friends who saw it back-when agree that Hamilton is shattering, a historical moment.

29 Mar 2016

Gabriola Honour Shops

“Do you know where I can get a nice piece of pottery for my Mother?” A friend from the big big city was staying with us on Gabriola Island. “She collects a lot of white pottery – heavy, obviously handmade, different.” Aha! We knew just the place. The friend looked