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13 Oct 2015

Artist Unknown

You hear a lot about construction starts, but when exactly does the construction stop? 2015 seems to be International Year of the Refresh and the Rebuild. One interesting thing about all of those nailed-in sheets of plywood is the street artists they attract. Some of these illustrators, painters and collage-builders take good

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11 Oct 2015

Travelling Sistine Chapel Exhibition

“Ssssssh.” “Sssssssh.” Having been enticed by the beauties of Rome, exhausted by the lines outside the Vatican and stunned by the sculptures within, the crowds start to burble as they push their way into the Sistine Chapel. “Woah!” “Regardez!”  “Venga!” When –  in the face of Michelangelo’s four and a

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08 Oct 2015

Idea Pad

Do you carry an idea pad? Fleeting ideas are a menace. They light up our brains at inopportune times then resist later attempts to recreate them. Wily creators carry notebooks wherever they go to trap those inklings before they slide out. Idea books also help us with: a. generating more ideas –

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06 Oct 2015

Andre Petterson :

Hurray! Andre Petterson is getting ready to mount another show at the Bau-Xi Gallery. Opening night in Vancouver will be on October the 24th. “I’m currently working with images and thoughts of past years and travel experiences,” says Petterson. “Floaters – things that perk away and remain unresolved for awhile,

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