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29 Sep 2017

Daniel Nelson

1- i work as a woodworker/artist 2-i do this creative work because it makes my life that much more enjoyable to create things from my mind and bring them to life for others to enjoy. 3-personal qualities that help me in my work are being driven to strive further and

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26 Sep 2017

Ilanna Barkusky

i. I work as a freelance action sports and lifestyle photographer. Which means I will photograph and document everything from skiing and snowboarding to shooting for clothing brands and shooting some weddings and engagements in the summertime. ii. I do this creative work because… In high school, I realized that

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24 Sep 2017

Cookie Classics

Which of these cookies would you choose? a. Oatmeal chocolate chunk b. Dutch shortbread c. Meringue d. Icebox fruit square e. Plain oatmeal f.  All of the above The correct answer is f, of course. Cookie Monster congratulates you on your cleverness. But, if someone less enthusiastically blue is making you

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24 Sep 2017

Dining + Shopping with Dali

From paintings to sculptures, quiet reflections to outrageous pronouncements, books to plays to films, Dali’s career was anything but ordinary. It is Dali who introduced the world to melting clocks, lobster telephones and Mae West Lip Sofas. In 1973, Dali even published a cookbook: Les Diners de Gala. Dali shareds recipes that he

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