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09 Aug 2020

Hockey Sounds In Canada

Finally! The hockey soundtrack is back on in our sports-deprived homes: blades scraping, sticks tapping, players shouting from the bench, body checks into the boards, pucks hitting crossbars, coaches yelling at refs. Real or audio-enhanced, the bubble rink sounds good. The on-air commentators are rattling through team player names, formations,

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07 Aug 2020

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Sigh. What is it about shoes? Perhaps it’s the art of the midnight blue boot that beckons you with its silver studded heel. Or maybe it’s the buttery craftsmanship of the double-strap Mary Janes that cradle your feet as you lunge up the stairs. With shoes, you can go out on

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05 Aug 2020

Canada’s Ice Cream Obsession

As the sun warms our bubbles, we Canadians are in the mood for ice-cream. The flavour that fascinates us most in 2020? Banana. This according to Google Canada’s 2020 list of Ice Cream search trends. . .. When it comes to Canadian cities seeking ice-cream intel,  Vancouver comes in at

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02 Aug 2020

Beautiful BC

Happy B.C. Day Long Weekend! Do you recognize this tartan? . . This is B.C.’s official tartan, designed by Victoria’s Earl K. Ward in 1967 and officially adopted by the province in 1974. Each colour in the tartan represents a signature aspect of British Columbia: i. White is for our

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