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13 Jun 2021


In Vancouver, we know a lot more about umbrellas than parasols. Forecast rain? No problem. Let me choose from my bouquet of battered umbrellas. Shelter from the hot hot sun? Um. Maybe I should bring a hat? Now, we have the fanciest of parasols at the Bentall Centre. Giant, glowing

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11 Jun 2021

Canada’s Favourite Cookie

Which homemade cookies do we Canadians crave the most? In February of 2021, Food Network Canada analysed their considerable data to unearth the cooking channel’s most popular cookie recipes of all time. The winner? Good old-fashioned shortbread. Fittingly, in the 1944 Canadian Favourites Cookbook, Mrs. Jane Montgomery from Victoria, B.C. offers

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08 Jun 2021

Penfold @ Pyatt Hall

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival may be in its 35th year, but the “all this” of 2021 demands a new approach. The result? The Festival – which runs from June 25th to July 4th – will feature more than 100 Streamed Concerts. You’ll find ticketed and free performances streaming from

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06 Jun 2021

In The Heights

In 2008, before Lin-Manuel Miranda was Lin-Manuel Miranda, Whoopee Goldberg stood on the Tony Award stage to announce the winner of Best Musical. The audience was already ‘In The Heights’ hyped after having seen its brilliant creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and his cast perform an excerpt onstage. Miranda had written the

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