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17 Jan 2021

Stephanie Geracitano

i. I work as a: Jewellery designer and sculptor. ii. I do this creative work because: Creativity is the pulse of life. It is my passion and purpose and as innate to me as breathing. A life without it would be bleak and meaningless. A full-time career in the creative

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15 Jan 2021

The Poetry Project

It’s been a tough year for live art exhibits. But, ever enterprising, artists and gallery owners have been looking for new, safe ways to keep the show going. One such 2021 exhibit asked scholarship students to write poems inspired by a locally created work of art. We hear more about

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12 Jan 2021

Maria Batista

i. I work as a: Glassblowing craftsperson who creates unique glass art objects for the home. My work is inspired by bright colours, nature, movement, and playfulness. My glassblowing journey started in 2014 at Terminal City Glass Co-op, which is the studio I still work out of.  . ii. I

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10 Jan 2021

Robert Hughes

i. I work as a craft coffee roaster, and I’m the co-founder of Heights Coffee Co. ii. I do this creative work because: The curiosity quotient was just too high. Roasting coffee felt like something I had to try, or the regret would have consumed me! I imagine this is

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