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26 Oct 2021

Canadian Food Adventures

Grocery List 5oo pounds flour 200 pounds bacon 3 dozen yeast cakes 15 pounds evaporated apples 100 pounds beans 1/2 gallon lime juice 5 boxes matches . That’s quite a shopping list. Any guesses as to what it was for? . . Well, according to the 2021 book Gastro Obscura,

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22 Oct 2021

Latin American Heritage Month

If you walk east from the Granville Island Food Market, you’ll see a beautiful installation: Altar de Muertos. Erected for Latin American Heritage Month Festival, this altar is created for Día de Muertos, a celebration in memory of those who have passed. The Altar de Muertos is scheduled to be

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19 Oct 2021

Kriss Munsya. The Eraser – Escaping The Future

Last month, the New Yorker Photo Department chose the work of talented Vancouver-based artist Kriss Munsya to feature on their official Instagram feed. In accompanying his striking works, Munsya wrote: ‘I’m a Congolese-born visual artist currently living in the ancestral and unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, so-called Vancouver.’

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17 Oct 2021

Confutatis Maledictis

We see Mozart in bed, dying while feverishly voicing his beautiful Requiem. Confutatis. Maledictis. It’s a haunting look into his genius and the toll it has taken on him. As each note takes Mozart closer to death , we – like Salieri here – are greedy, inadequate observers, impatiently waiting

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