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16 Apr 2021

Yayoi Kusama @ New York Botanical Garden

‘I have had so many hardships, with people saying various things about me.’ So said world-renowned artist Yayoi Kusama in a 1965 interview with Japanese poet Akira Tatehata. ‘Time is finally turning a kind eye on me. But it barely matters, for I am dashing into the future.’ In 2021,

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13 Apr 2021

To The Garden With Ballet BC

Camille Saint-Saëns – child prodigy, polymath, and prolific composer, born 1835 in Paris – wrote: ‘The artist who does not feel completely satisfied by elegant lines, by harmonious colours, and by a beautiful succession of chords does not understand the art of music.’ This composer of such beloved pieces as

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11 Apr 2021

Fight Or Flight

i. My name is: Chrissy Cheung ii. I am a: Curator and a contemporary artist. For this interview-essay I am speaking only as a curator for PAINTER8. (That’s a condensed name for the Painter8 Arts Society) iii. Who will participate in this show?   The Canadian visual artists exhibiting in

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08 Apr 2021

Canada’s Tiger Tail Ice Cream

Orange and licorice. A dream pairing or …? In The Complete Bartender, New York mixologist Robyn M. Feller describes a Tiger Tail cocktail that involves Pernod, curaçao, orange juice, ice, and a slice of lime. This unique orange and licorice pairing finds its roots in a Made in Canada sweet

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