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20 Oct 2020

Got Milkshakes?

No matter how obscure the task – how to re-attach GI Joe’s legs, how to dress like a Hobbit, how to meow like a cat – You Tube has a tutorial. But, decades before PayPal alumni Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim birthed their video-sharing behemoth, companies were offering how-to tutorials

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18 Oct 2020

Cake. A Modern Marie Antoinette

“I am terrified of being bored.” So said 21 year old Queen Marie Antoinette to Comte Florimond Mercy d’Argenteau, her Austrian advisor. Marie Antoinette would certainly not be bored by the notion of being fully festooned in carefully curated flowers then captured by a talented painter on a 6 by

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16 Oct 2020

Beautiful Monsters

‘Unleash the beasts!’ It’s 2020. Consider them unleashed. The National Gallery of Canada has unearthed an additional 70 terrifying creatures – these ones dreamed up by 45 Baroque and Renaissance artists from Germany, France, Holland, Italy. The beautifully befanged and beclawed beings find their home in an exhibit entitled: Beautiful

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13 Oct 2020

Emma Donoghue + VWF

The show must go on. Well, if it can. And, thankfully – despite all that 2020 has to ‘offer’ – the Vancouver Writers Festival will go on. The VWF was launched in 1988 by Founding Artistic Director Alma Lee, and declared the Best Large Canadian Literary Festival by the Canadian

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