Pop-Up Carnival I, shown in our feature photo, was shot by the talented artist Anthony Redpath in an initially vacant lot in Port Alberni. He was inspired by ‘the swift transformation of this vacant mall building and parking lot into something colourful and promising.’

Redpath’s work is part of CANDY, a group show starting this weekend at the Bau-Xi Gallery on Granville Street. ‘Our ongoing affection for the novel treat, valued more for enjoyment than its nutritional value, guides Bau-Xi’s selection of bright artwork in high gloss finishes and delicious surface texture to evoke the senses.’


Janna Watson. Movement is Spirit

‘As a euphemism for sex, works by Janna Watson and Kathryn Macnaughton reference the body as a site of pleasure and physical consumption.’


Heidi Leverty. Panoramic Plastic 18.


Andre Petterson. Candy Ride.

“Life’s full of candy,” Petterson tells Creators Vancouver. “Some sweet, some sour. As the journey goes, the wrappers pile up. It’s a colourful process.



Stockholm Selfies


Copenhagen + HCA

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton