Muscadine Ice Cream

It’s a good 2019 summer season for La Glace ice cream on 16th near Macdonald. Vancouver Sun readers just crowned this Kits ice-creamery – launched in 2017 – as ‘Vancouver’s Best Ice Cream.’

To create La Glace’s creamy French style ice-cream, chef and founder Mark Tagulao needs a whole lot of cream and egg yolks. The remaining egg whites become a rainbow of meringue kisses to be crushed or angled just so on your ice cream.

These mini meringues might be resting on scoops of muscadine ice cream, with its milk chocolate, Cointreau and toasted hazelnuts. Watch ice-cream lovers working their way into creme de la crème vanilla bean, cafe à la lavande, mango chili and cilantro swirl, mint cookies and cream, gin and tonic sorbet, or bananes foster, with roasted banana rum cream, toffee swirl and cinnamon.

If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, your meringue can find a home on flavours like coconut cream pandan or peanut butter and chocolate with cashew milk. Those looking for a coffee alternative can try the affogato made from vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso.

In 2017, Tagulao graduated from pop-ups around town to his own storefront. The ice cream buckets are topped with elegant silver lids, the counter is marble and a muralled wall shines blue with Pantone 9480 U.

Here’s a 55 second look at La Glace from Foodgressing.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

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