A Comedy Cook-In

For almost two years – agh! – we’ve experimented with how to recreate live experiences online. Playwright and director Amiel Gladstone has been thinking about how to build performance experiences that can only be experienced when viewers are at a distance – in their homes, online. His latest venture? Farm to Fable, presented through The Cultch from November 17th to 21st.

First, the story. ‘Nadine,’ we read, ‘is juggling a lot. Her dream restaurant closed, she broke up with her boyfriend, and moved in with her mother. To get back on her feet, she has pivoted to creating an online cooking show. But what starts as a simple idea soon begins to boil over, as Nadine faces multiple interruptions and challenges.’

Nadine, and all of the other characters, are played by Vancouver actress Meaghan Chenosky. But, how to bring this alive for we viewers on Zoom? We’ll have the option to cook along with Nadine!

Those who want to do more than watch can either pre-gather their own ingredients with the provided grocery list, or we can select the Chefs Kiss Package where Fresh Prep will deliver those supplies that Nadine will be (trying to?) talk us through in her eventful online cooking class.

Best of luck to Nadine and all the online chefs.

Farm to Fable @ The Cultch



Farm to Fable. Meaghan Chenosky. Emily Cooper – Photographer


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Elizabeth Newton