A Danish Obsession

Breakfast can be a bitter reality check for the euphoric traveler. The people, the history, the buildings, the shows – how interesting. Look how I blend in as a local. But, pickled herring with pickled eggs at 8 am? Nope. In our next destination, the croissants look crispy and stout. But, beer as the first drink of the day? Nope. Can’t do it. Back to tourist status.

The morning sweet tooth is slow to sour and Sweet Obsession on West 16th has the ultimate sugary breakfast sin. In search of a cup of their namesake tea, we stumbled upon towering Danishes that could be tamed by neither bag nor bite.


My favourite Danish was crowned with deliciously glazed cherries. The runner-up had lemony streaks and a crispy topping. Pastry Chef Mie Tanaka and her team have been busy in the kitchen. Let the breakfast of decadence begin.

Written by Elizabeth Newton




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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton