A Virtual Market For Foodies

You might remember Natalie Ferrari-Morton and her fiction-inspired jams: Madame Cherry is terribly grand, secretive and proud of her French heritage. Saint Claire was a devout Catholic nun – pure in her spirit, intense in her approach and a little tart. Blackberry Jack is adventurous, swarthy and ready for any dares you throw his way. Keep your eye on that Baron von Blueberry. He doesn’t like to talk about his low-rank nobiliary title or his past. The Baron would rather live alone in the mountains and tend the fire.

As Ferrari-Morton told us in 2015, these vivid characters come to life as she is creating new flavours for her East Van Jam business. “Most of my flavours and labels are inspired by fictional characters. I look to the character of the fruit to see what kind of person would go well with it.”

Ferrari-Morton takes advantage of BC’s bounty of fruits in creating her imaginative jams. Her first ever company creation? The Duchess of Strawberry. ‘The Duchess is a little bit lonely in her expansive estate.  Yearning for adventure, she imagines a bustling open market place where the scent of rose lifts spirits and wins the day.’

This weekend, Natalie Ferrari-Morton is one of 40 + local chefs, bakers and makers who will be selling their small batch food and drink at the Vancouver-based Got Craft Virtual Market – Foodie Edition. As we read: ‘Shop from a curated collection of delicious goods including teas, chocolates, baked goods, spreads, baking mixes, snacks and more including plant based, gluten free, and low sugar options!’

It’s an opportunity to support local makers – many of whom have missed selling their wares at markets over the pandemic – and to sample some delicious nosh. Check it out!

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