Andre Petterson :

Hurray! Andre Petterson is getting ready to mount another show at the Bau-Xi Gallery. Opening night in Vancouver will be on October the 24th. “I’m currently working with images and thoughts of past years and travel experiences,” says Petterson. “Floaters – things that perk away and remain unresolved for awhile, then emerge.”

Flux 2

“The bashing of the senses I encounter when going to unfamiliar places never gets tired.”


Squeeze Box 3

“Images of carts or makeshift vehicles carrying way to much of anything catches my eye. The woman or man with a very heavy and large load of stuff on their heads, determined and resigned to get that package to it’s destination or the motorbike supporting a family and their belongings, clinging on while navigating traffic. Intense colours scattered  in a grey brown landscape is visually rewarding.”


And Petterson continues to woo us with his signature icons. “My continued fascination with typewriters and old bicycles provides me with a catalyst.”




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Written by Elizabeth Newton


Cobalt Spill 2

* All Photos courtesy of Andre Petterson


Nik Palmer


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton