Anne Carson Q/A

Jeweller Anne Carson was our first profile on Creators Vancouver. Now, she is first in our Q/A series. We will ask Vancouver creators – some of whom we have profiled – to answer 10 questions.  Over to Anne!

1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired.
The galleries on South Granville.

2. Best place for people watching.
The Fairmont Pacific Rim Lobby.

3. Someone from Vancouver – alive or passed – who inspires me.
Emily Carr.

4. If you want great pictures of Vancouver, go to.
Grouse Mountain.

5. If Vancouver were an animal, it would be.
A black bear.

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6. A sound I associate with Vancouver.
Ship horns in the harbour.

7. A pleasant smell I associate with Vancouver.
The sea.

8. Food and/or drink that reminds me of Vancouver.
Smoked salmon.

9. Particularly great show, of any kind, that I have seen in Vancouver.
Ballet BC.

10. Favourite travel destination within driving distance of Vancouver.

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Learn more about Anne in our profile:

Anne Carson Profile

* Photos by Anne Carson



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