Annie Briard. Superlucent

i. Name: Annie Briard

ii. I am an expanded photography and media artist 

iii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years:
I can be a successful artist and also a mother (I had a baby in the summer of 2020). I was surprised to learn that my capacity for making has actually grown exponentially.



iv. The name and date of my current exhibit/show is:
Superlucent – all the colors you cannot see.

Annie Briard. Superlucent @ Mónica Reyes Gallery

v. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say:
This is an exhibition of expanded photography, celebrating light and questioning the ways in which we perceive it.

vi. In the show, you’ll see:
Two series of light-based works. Horizon RGB is a series of color-changing photographs of the horizon line, and a trifecta of modernist-inspired digital media lightboxes from my new series Sun Simulations.



vii. The inspiration for this show comes from:
The distinct, complex and often faulty ways we each perceive the world through our sense of vision. 

With this exhibition, I am offering an interactive experience highlighting these differences in sight through works that almost imperceptibly change color, so that we might compare our current experience to that of another’s, or even to our experience from a few moments prior.

The content matter for both series is drawn from my interest in the affect of wonder, using on the one hand, with the horizons, both a metaphor for wonder and for the trickery of sight as it tangibly presents that which isn’t actually there. On the other, with Sun Simulations, I’m considering tropes used for fabricating a sense of awe, in this case stained glass windows from cathedrals, and combining these with new media and ideas on color interaction, picking up from the modernist project begun by artists like Josef Albers.


Sun Simulations II


viii. One thing I learned about myself in creating this show is:
I can teach myself to do anything. To produce these works, I taught myself computer programming and electronics. Also, that I am surrounded by talented and skilled people in Vancouver 
who can be relied on to fill the gaps.

ix. My past work includes:
Most recently, an immersive audio-visual installation called Staring at the Sun, which induced the hallucination of chimeric colors (colors that don’t exist in the natural world) within a meditative space, presented for the Quebec Biennale.

x. After this show, I’m looking forward to:
Publishing an artist book as installation called “The Light of One Hundred Moons” with the help of the British Columbia Arts Council and Empty Space Studio.

xi. Anything to add:
Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my work.


Header Art: Sun Simulations IV


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