Arbutus Greenway

After all the land wrangling, the Arbutus Greenway is now a vibrant community throughfare. It’s alive with pre-schoolers on their orange-wheeled bikes, couples walking their lookalike dogs and retirees racing to the next fence.

The Greenway is punctuated with wild flowers, diamond-painted utility boxes  and the hard work of private gardeners beautifying their allotments. It follows the old train track path from Granville Island through Kits, Shaughnessy, past Quilchena Park, into Kerrisdale, through Marpole and down towards the river.


Moving forward, the city has proposed a range of meeting spaces, plant and art installations for the different zones of the Greenway. There is even talk of a streetcar.

Greenway Plans

Written by Elizabeth Newton





Ron Stuart

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton