Art + Chocolate

‘Charlie Bucket found himself standing in a long corridor that stretched away in front of him as far as he could see. The corridor was so wide that a car could easily have been driven along it. The walls were pale pink, the lighting was soft and pleasant. ‘How lovely and warm!’ whispered Charlie.

‘I know. And what a marvellous smell!’ answered Grandpa Joe, taking a long deep sniff.

All the most wonderful smells in the world seemed to be mixed up in the air around them — the smell of roasting coffee and burnt sugar and melting chocolate and mint and violets and crushed hazelnuts and apple blossom and caramel and lemon peel . . . And far away in the distance, from the heart of the great factory, came a muffled roar of energy as though some monstrous gigantic machine were spinning its wheels at breakneck speed.’

Grandpa Joe would be similarly impressed with the wonderful smells and taste options in the handcrafted Art Meets Chocolate brand. Founded by Sylvia Punguntzky, the brand offers flavours like Limoncello + Nibs, Black Cherry, Maple Glazed Pecan, Caffee Machiato.

Punguntzky has matched flavours to Vancouver neighbourhoods, including Almond and Sea Salt, 55% Milk Chocolate for Chinatown, Peanut Butter and Bacon, 70% Dark Chocolate for Gastown, Blueberry and Basil, 55% Milk Chocolate for Burnaby, Roasted Chai, 42% Milk Chocolate for Main Street. Their Canada 150 Special Edition includes Bannock and Blackberry, 55% Milk Chocolate.

Each of Punguntzky’s bars is fronted by the work of a local artist. Our group happily gobbled through the Okanagan Valley Grape + Nut, 42% Milk Chocolate which featured the work of North Vancouver artist, Luciana Alvarez. The Victoria models – Mint Dark, Salted Caramel, Dark Cherry – include artwork by Barry Tate.



Happy Art + Chocolate 

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header: Photo by Monika Grabkowska



UBC Botanical Garden


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton