08 Apr 2020

The VSO Plays Beethoven’s Fifth

They might be the most referenced 8 notes in musical history and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will be kicking off with them tonight. To celebrate the 250 year anniversary of Ludwig von Beethoven’s death – and prior to social distancing dictates – the VSO gathered in the empty Orpheum Theatre

07 Apr 2020

The 9 Now 7 O’Clock Gun

It’s the Vancouver monument with the best Twitter account. February 26th: ‘Boom!’ February 27th: ‘Boom!’ February 28th: ‘Boom!’ February 29th: ‘Boom!’ . . Since 1898, Vancouver’s 9 O’Clock Gun – located in Stanley Park – has let out its great canon boom at 9 p.m. Well, 9 p.m give or

05 Apr 2020

Basquiat + Haring

The crown, the barking dog, the crawling baby. Friends Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring developed their signature tags early. Both were enormously influential and politically provocative. Both died unthinkably young – Basquiat at 27, Haring at 31. Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria was to be running Crossing Lines – their

05 Apr 2020

Frosting Flowers

Talk to the frustrated flour seekers inching down barren baking aisles. They’ll tell you just how many people are passing their days in lockdown baking new and elaborate family treats. If you’re looking for gorgeously decorated inspiration from a local creator, check out Coco Cake Land – website, instagram, cookbooks

03 Apr 2020

Andrew Lloyd Webber Fridays

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber is opening up his vault. And there is some serious treasure inside. . . In a new online series entitled The Shows Must Go On, we’ll see a different, full ALW musical each Friday.  First up: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Donny Osmond. And it

03 Apr 2020

Kimura Parker + Ax

Jon Kimura Parker – or ‘Jackie’ as he was known – grew up in Vancouver, studying piano with his uncle Edward Parker, mother Keiko Parker and Lee Kum Sing at the Vancouver Academy of Music and UBC. Parker was a fearsome presence at the Kiwanis Festival, sweeping gold with his brilliant

31 Mar 2020

Let’s Go To Disneyland Paris

Getting a little squirrelly in the house? Wistful about cancelled Spring Break plans? Disneyland Paris offers distraction with come-along videos of their rides and best seat in the house views of their parades and shows. You get the experience of walking in and seeing the lines, but these ones move

31 Mar 2020

To The Grocery Store Workers

The rain, the price of grapes, the Breaking News of the hour. They’re just fleeting conversations at the grocery till, but they matter. For some – the widowed regular, the homesick sophomore – a familiar, friendly grocery clerk might offer the only meaningful social contact of the day. Now, in the

29 Mar 2020

To The Doctors + Nurses

As a child, I saw how deeply Mum’s work as a nurse impacted her patients. With her starched white cap and her carefully ironed white dress, she would leave the house with purpose – be it in the wee hours of the morning, or after a long day of driving

28 Mar 2020

Rodgers + Hammerstein Live

The Sound of Music, Oklahoma, Carousal, South Pacific, The King and I… Composer Richard Rodgers (1902-79) and dramatist/lyricist Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960) were the brilliant minds behind the songs and shows that continue to fill our heads and stages today. The industry powers-that-be came in convinced that Rodgers and Hammerstein could