17 Jun 2018

Gassy Jack

We call it ‘Gastown’ because of him. Visitors tromp down to his statue to snap and pose. Yet, for 97 years, the body of John Deighton – aka ‘Gassy Jack’ – lay in an unmarked grave. It was not until September 30th, 1972 that Gassy Jack’s body was identified at

15 Jun 2018

Kerry James Marshall

“For me,” artist Kerry James Marshall told an MCA audience, “the thing that has the greatest transformative capacity in the art world today, in terms of what people expect to see when they go to the art museum, is a painting that has a black figure in it, because 95

12 Jun 2018

Cookie Dough

The sweet-toothed among us know that the best part of baking is munching sugary ingredients. Back in the day, raw cookie dough was the thing – worth all manner of baker distraction and kitchen subterfuge. These days, what with all the free-floating salmonella horror stories, sneaking cookie dough doesn’t feel

10 Jun 2018

A Day For Canoli

Happy Italian Day! On Sunday June 10th, from 12 to 8 pm, Vancouver will celebrate Italian Day on Commercial Drive, aka Little Italy. ~ ~ Just in time for Italian Day 2016, the City of Vancouver made it official. Commercial Drive – from 4 blocks north of 1st Avenue to

10 Jun 2018

Dancing On The Edge

‘Overlapped mattresses slashed, ripped open by a knife, mutilated. A mishmash of resurrected objects, a breath of life in death. A no man’s land of destruction where Peter James and Jassem Hindi form a duo of wandering vagabonds, survivors killing time and boredom, spewing out and sublimating their pain and

08 Jun 2018

Ron Stuart

i. I work as an instructor of Anthropology & Sociology at Columbia College, where I am head of the department. Apart from academic activities, I am active in independent theatre production as a producer, and in documentary film as a filmmaker, primarily working on location in South Africa. ii. I

05 Jun 2018

Arbutus Greenway

After all the land wrangling, the Arbutus Greenway is now a vibrant community throughfare. It’s alive with pre-schoolers on their orange-wheeled bikes, couples walking their lookalike dogs and retirees racing to the next fence. The Greenway is punctuated with wild flowers, diamond-painted utility boxes  and the hard work of private

03 Jun 2018


Which Vancouver-born actor can be found in a red and black full-body tactical suit when he’s not trolling his favourite van der Woodsen and her traveling town pants? It’s Ryan Reynolds, of course, whose BC-filmed Deadpool 2 is now into the hundreds of millions. Reynolds can celebrate with a Rye ‘N

01 Jun 2018

Vancouver Children’s Festival

You’ll see the signs all over Granville Island. Until June 3rd, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival is in full swing. Their tag line? ‘Let’s Get Creatively Playful.’ ~ ~ Along with all sorts of DIY activities, the Festival will feature kids’ performers from across Canada. Included are Quebec’s Les Parfaits Inconnus

29 May 2018

Ann Goldberg :

i. I work as an Artist. ii. I do this creative work because: I can’t live without doing it. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: Intensity, attention to detail, visual. ~ Pool #27. 2016 ~ Underwater. 2017   iv. The greatest challenges around doing this work are: