27 Nov 2018

Retro Sound Museum

What are some of your favourite sounds from your day to day life? How many of those noises will no longer exist five, ten years from now? Which sounds do your miss from your childhood? In 2013, German designers Daniel Chun and Jan Derksen from Chunderksen Design built Conserve The Sound,

27 Nov 2018

Miriam Gittens

i. I work as an emerging artist with Ballet BC. ii. I do this creative work because it is a part of who I am. I think art can heal oneself as well as healing others. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: I find that there are

25 Nov 2018

Swedish Falu Red

As you drive through the Swedish countryside, you can’t help but notice how many houses and barns are painted the same shade of red. Well, that red has a name – Falu Red or Falu Rödfärg – and historical significance. Falu Red is named for Falun, a small town outside of

25 Nov 2018

Lynn Sea

i. I have worked as a potter for Red Pot Pottery for 20 years now.  ii. Personal qualities that help in my work are: I always make sure my work is evolving. All my work is unique and one of a kind, but every year, I try to make something

23 Nov 2018

The Nutcracker ’18

When organ maker Auguste Mustel invented the celeste in 1886, he could not have known how strongly his metal bar-filled keyboard would be associated with beloved story classics. There it is setting off Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter: . . Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory . It’s

20 Nov 2018

Diane Zwickel

i. I work as a Knitter (by hand, no machines!) and knitwear designer using only natural fibres. ii. I do this creative work because: I believe that shopping locally and connecting with those who make our clothing is changing how business is done. I especially believe we have to fight

18 Nov 2018

Koerner Ceramics Gallery

When you visit the Museum of Anthropology, take some time to visit the Koerner Ceramics Gallery. The impressive collection was donated by Dr. Walter C. Koerner, a major force behind the development of MOA. Koerner – who lived from 1898 to 1995 – started collecting pottery as a child in

16 Nov 2018

Eastside Culture Crawl

To get a real peek into the heart of Vancouver’s artist community, visit the Eastside Culture Crawl event this weekend. It’s a massive undertaking with 495 artists showing and selling their work over 4 days and 71 buildings, including 1000 Parker Street. ‘The largest of its kind in Canada,’ writes

16 Nov 2018

Dark Chocolate Fudge

If you make it to Christmas At Hycroft, be sure to go back to the Coach House to check out the homemade goodies from the Hycroft Kitchen Creations Team. You’ll find all manners of yummy fudge – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, peppermint chocolate, butterscotch, maple. You can also bring home

16 Nov 2018

Christmas At Hycroft

For those who like to get an early start on the holiday cheer, Christmas At Hycroft is an annual tradition. For over forty years, the University Women’s Club has brought the sparkle and mull to General Alexander Duncan Macrae’s 17,000 square foot Edwardian mansion. You’ll be welcomed by local musicians