13 Mar 2020

Virtual Museum Tours For The Socially Distanced

March came in like a lion. As COVID-19 claws its way through cities, more people find themselves in or on the edge of lockdown. For those who tire of the same old walls, dream of cancelled trips, or ache for a visual break from virtual work, several museums offer online

10 Mar 2020

Huckleberry Hand Pies

‘Huckleberries are one of my favourite summer treats,’ DL Acken writes in Cedar + Salt, the cookbook she created with fellow author Emily Lycopolus. Their focus? ‘Vancouver Island Recipes from Forest, Farm, Field, and Sea.’ Acken, a recipe developer who also took the gorgeous photos in this 2019 tome continues:

08 Mar 2020

The Royals Open Lions Gate Bridge

Blimey. The King and Queen are coming to … Rest easy, Carson. Downton has done its bit. It’s May, 1939 and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I are coming to Vancouver. Their official duty? To open the Lions Gate Bridge. This landmark suspension bridge has been a long time

06 Mar 2020

Jamie Evrard 2020

‘”Making art is a way of taking possession,” says talented Vancouver artist Jamie Evrard, “a way of finding out how things really are, or perhaps of making them as I would like them to be. If a few days go by without my having drawn or painted, I become completely

03 Mar 2020

Yayoi Kusama: Cosmic Nature

Year after year, Yayoi Kusama creates striking installations in museums across the world. Be it powered by light, crawling up tentacles, or bedecking shirt to shoes, one shape screams Kusama: the polka dot. ‘My life,” Kusama says, ‘is a dot lost among thousands of other dots.’ This year, as Kusama

01 Mar 2020

Cookies Of Cookies + Cream

You don’t have to walk far in Vancouver to see another beloved business owner boxing up their wares – rent hikes too extreme, condos coming, people shopping online, retirement dreams. Hats off to those entrepreneurs who forge in with their new small business plans. We’ll stop when we can to

28 Feb 2020

Castles, Wisteria + Sunshine In Portofino

‘It began in a woman’s club in London on a February afternoon – an uncomfortable club, and a miserable afternoon – when Mrs Wilkins, who had come from from Hampstead to shop and had lunched at her club, took up The Times from the table in the smoking room, and

25 Feb 2020

András Schiff

What do you do if you have written a Sonata as brilliant as the Appassionata? Well, even if you’re Beethoven, you take a beat. You wait. “So Beethoven knew, exactly, that he had written his greatest piano sonata until now,” says beknighted pianist, classical musical scholar, and conductor, András Schiff,

23 Feb 2020

Spring Mood In Southlands

The calendar and morning windshields may not agree, but it’s starting to feel like spring in Vancouver. To ride the vernal mood, we visited Southlands Nursery – the vignette-filled, green creation of local artisans Thomas Hobbs and Brent Beattie. . . Next up? Watching sun-happy horses clomping around the Southlands

21 Feb 2020

Centre Stage Hologram

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Back in 1977, Princess Leia – with the fine help of R2-D2 – surprised the audience, and Luke Skywalker, by appearing in holographic form to deliver a most important message. “General Kenobi. Years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars.