14 Jun 2019

Let Rosie Feed You

If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll find no shortage of temptations at Butter Bakery on 37th and Mackenzie. The sweets on display – cookies, cakes, loafs, cupcakes – are endlessly tempting. What’s it going to be today? Birthday Cake sandwich, Ginger snap, Snickerdoodle, Bajillionaire Bar, Butter tart Bar, Black Bird cake?

11 Jun 2019

Kim Keever

i. I work as an artist. ii. I do this creative work because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something with my life. As a young man graduating high school I had no real direction in my life. I was working in a factory, trying to meet a

09 Jun 2019

Gabriola Island Summer Market

The sun is on semi-regular shine; school is soon out. And the Gabriola Farmers’ Market is running again – Saturdays, 10 am to 2 pm, outside AGI Hall. 2019 brings familiar artisans and small batch farmers, along with new booths and creations. We find market visits a great way to

07 Jun 2019

Wander Wood

‘Sculpture is an art of the open air,’ said Henry Moore. ‘Daylight, sunlight, is necessary to it, and for me, its best setting and complement is nature.’ Just west of the central fountain at UBC, you’ll find an undulation of peekaboo wood playing with sunlight, standing proud amidst the trees.

04 Jun 2019

Basquiat @ The Broad

While you’re at The Broad, check out their impressive collection of Basquiats. This Grand Avenue museum in LA has three new pieces on view: Melting Point Of Ice. 1984 . Beef Ribs Longhorn. 1982 . Pink Devil. 1984     These newly displayed pieces join the Broad’s strong selection of

04 Jun 2019

Yayoi Kusama In LA

If you missed Yayoi Kusama in Seattle, you have a chance to see two of her Infinity Mirror Rooms at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles. On display are: The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away (2013) and Longing For Eternity (2017) . Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light

02 Jun 2019

Paul Yee’s Chinatown

‘a solitary seagull on silent wings the morning broken by its insistent caw cutting through wind through rivers of air colliding over cold ocean lonely ships and so we arrive..’ So starts the beautiful poem, Arrivals, written in 2011 by author, Paul Yee, to premiere alongside Voices from Gold Mountain,

31 May 2019

Jamie Evrard ’19

Of Innocence and Experience. Jamie Evrard has a wonderful new show starting June 1st at the Bau-Xi Vancouver. We asked the talented artist to tell us about the intriguing title of her new exhibition: Of Innocence and Experience. “I never know.  It’s always risky to go into the studio,” Evrard says. “Maybe

28 May 2019

Jamaican Bananas + Gin Fizz for Satchmo

“Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine,” Louis Armstrong said, “I look right into the heart of good ole New Orleans. It has given me something to live for.” At the heart of Satchmo’s New Orleans was delectable food. He ‘never forgot the aromas of the

26 May 2019

The Burrard Bridge

The Burrard Bridge has long been a beacon for controversy. Debates over bike versus car lanes on the bridge have been raging for decades. Back in 1949, Vancouver Art School’s A.F. Ames threw his own Burrard barbs, describing the overall bridge as a “monstrosity” and its concrete pillars as “ashcans