09 Aug 2019

Tara McNulty

i. I work as a Designer and founder at The SHOOFIE Company. ii. I do this creative work because: The universe somehow pointed me in this direction and I didn’t object. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: The ones I think help me the most would be

06 Aug 2019

Giacometti @ The VAG

“If I ever succeed in realizing a single head,” 20th Century artist Alberto Giacometti said in a Swiss TV interview, “I’ll probably give up sculpture for good. But the funniest thing is, that if I were to do a head as I want to, then probably nobody would be interested in

04 Aug 2019

Antonya Raymond

i. I work as a: Choreographer / Dance Instructor specializing in Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata, and other international infusions. Teaching to old and young, in schools for teenagers, couples getting married, as well as ongoing weekly classes. ii. I do this creative work because: I love to

02 Aug 2019

Manolo Blahnik In London

If you’re a shoe nut, you’ve heard of Manolo Blahnik. If you’ve followed Carrie Bradshaw down New York’s Sex and the City streets, you’ve seen the lust that Manolo Blahnik’s shoes can incite. If you’ve watched Marie Antoinette lounge about Sofia Coppola’s decadent sets, you might have lusted for some

30 Jul 2019

Salted Rose Caramel Cardamom Hot Chocolate

For all those who agonize over which flowers to put in this corsage or that bouquet, the Victorians offer guidance. Inspired by floral symbolism in Turkey, Queen Victoria’s charges created book after book outlining the Language of Flowers. In her 2011 recreation of these early guides – A Victorian Flower

28 Jul 2019

Community Gardens

‘Gardening is how I relax,’ said fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. ‘It’s another form of creating and playing with colours.’ De la Renta would have seen a lot of gorgeous colour in the community gardens that Vancouverites so lovingly tend on their own time. Here’s a look from the

26 Jul 2019

Joshua Jensen-Nagle +

i. I am a: Contemporary artist, with a primary focus in photography. ii. The name of my current show is: 5 Years of Me. iii. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say: The exhibition explores select images from 3 bodies of work photographed since 2014.  I

23 Jul 2019

Gulf Island Boat Life

The sun is shining, the ‘Out of Office’ emails are ready to fire, and people are motoring and sailing about on adventures. Some of the boats are fancy, some rugged, and many are headed towards the Gulf Islands. How great it is to wander the decks and admire all of

21 Jul 2019

E.J. Hughes

“It takes ten percent ability, fifty percent industry and forty percent enthusiasm and interest to be a good artist.” So claimed the humble, Order of B.C., Order of Canada-winning artist, E.J. Hughes. Well, I think many of us could stock up on Hughes’ suggested 90%, add another 10,000 hours, and

19 Jul 2019

Mural Festival ’19

‘A young woman is drawing little foxes that start running as soon as created.’ Artist and author Johnnie Christmas is describing his striking mural at Main and 11th, a mural that recently found itself in The Washington Post. ‘As early as the Paleolithic Period as evidenced by the cave paintings