06 Dec 2015

Parading Around Vancouver

If you want to see creative citizenry, go to a parade. Whether gawping from the sidelines, formally marching or spontaneously jumping in, Vancouverites love sprucing things up for a parade day. 1. Check out the amazing spectator hats and the toys come to life in the 1920’s Toy Parade. The Spencer’s Toy Store turkeys, Jacks in

04 Dec 2015

Melissa Nkomo

There was a lot that Melissa Nkomo liked about her job as a make-up artist. She spent the day chatting to people and, with a few swipes of her brush, transformed their faces. Clients would ask Nkomo for beauty tips and she was more than happy to oblige. What Melissa

03 Dec 2015

Christmas Choirs @ The Orpheum

If you are looking for some beautiful choral music to set off the holiday season, you might consider heading down to the Orpheum Friday, December 4th for Christmas in the Orpheum. The Vancouver Chamber Choir, directed by Jon Washburn, will be singing Renaissance and Baroque works. The Pacifica Singers will be performing, along

01 Dec 2015

The Lemon Square Guys

Here in Canada, we love our lemon squares. We are lemon sweet searching like mad and Google forecasts that our obsession will continue.   If you are looking for the quintessential lemon square, you have come to the right city. Chef Dan Spratling and Wally Mitchell run a popular Vancouver

29 Nov 2015

Tea-Time With Butter

‘When I think of my Mum,’ Rosie Daykin writes, ‘I always think of tea parties. She loves them!’ I first ran into Interior Designer Rosie and her Mum Pixie at Ta Da, their home and accessories store on Broadway, a couple blocks north of Connaught Park. Pixie was always front of store,

25 Nov 2015

James Stewart

This Jeri is as 2015 as they come. He is borne of 3D printing, digital tattoo texture maps and complex Photoshop mathematics. Yet this same Jeri – with his Brazilian graffiti, Marilyn Monroe and Pablo Picasso tattoos – has an old world character about him. His is a weary wisdom

22 Nov 2015

Rosanna Crame

Rosanna Crame joined an accounting firm when she was 19. She started as a receptionist and gradually worked her way up to the Global Employment department, where she helped expats with their placement and taxes. It was an impressive ascent, but Crame was not happy. “Every day was the same. There

21 Nov 2015

Studio Peeping

Tis the season to meet local artists and snoop around their studios. This weekend, the Eastside Culture Crawl is happening from Odlam to Frances Street. You’ll find the largest concentration of artists at The Mergatroid Building on Vernon Drive, William Clark Studios on William, Acme Studios on 112 E Hastings Street

20 Nov 2015

The General’s Bathroom @ Christmas

Hycroft Mansion is one of my favourite stops in Vancouver. As a newish city – much of which was destroyed in the Great Vancouver Fire of 1886 – we don’t have that many early buildings of any sort, let alone buildings so close to their original condition. Hycroft, built from 1909

17 Nov 2015

Livona Ellis

When you ask most people about Spin class, they throw out words like: intense, energizing, grueling, medieval chain gang madness. It is wheels whipping, legs cramping, sweat flying. 4, 3, 2, 1. Out of the saddle. When you ask Livona Ellis about Spin class, she settles into a tranquil sigh.