Tea-Time With Butter

‘When I think of my Mum,’ Rosie Daykin writes, ‘I always think of tea parties. She loves them!’

I first ran into Interior Designer Rosie and her Mum Pixie at Ta Da, their home and accessories store on Broadway, a couple blocks north of Connaught Park. Pixie was always front of store, chatting to customers. Ta Da did have a fancy tea-party vibe, with its retro pastels, fine linens, vintage cake stands and Parisian mirrors.

For her next entrepreneurial venture, Rosie  – with Pixie at her side – opened Butter Baked Goods Cafe in 2007. She had dreamed of opening a bakery since she was 6 years old. Her first baked good ever? “Six minute cake. Six minute cake is a one bowl chocolate cake that I started making when I was six years old.”

Now located at Mackenzie and 33rd, Butter hums with regulars hunting down sweets to eat on the spot or to carry home. The setting is a charming retro wallpaper pink and green. On today’s trip to Butter, we bought signature ginger cookies, butter tarts, handmade marshmallows and Mackenzie Black Maple tea.

For those who want to create their own Butter tea parties, Daykin has created cookbooks. Butter Baked Goods. Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighourhood Bakery was published in 2013.

This year, she has come out with her newest offering: Butter Celebrates. A Year of Sweet Recipes to Share with Family and Friends. As ever, the photography by Janis Nicolay is gorgeous.

cookbook 1

Daykin starts with holiday entertainment suggestions and baking tips. Then, it’s into the recipes. Some of my favourites include: Mile-high Meringue Cake, Lemony Lemon Loaf, Cupcakes with the Most-ess and Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake Bar.

cookbook 2

Daykin reveals some of her recipe inspirations and weaves in stories from her childhood: ‘When I was little, I always knew it was someone’s birthday when I arrived home from school and found the tissue paper bells hanging from the chandelier in the dining room.’

Armed with her 7 questions, Shaw TV’s Fiona Forbes visited Rosie at the Butter Baked Goods Cafe.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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