Battle of the Food Trucks

Anyone who has been seduced by the seeming romance of the food truck lifestyle would have loved the movie Chef, great soundtrack included.

It’s a tough way to make a living, but Vancouver is known for its abundance of food trucks, trackable around the city through various apps. If you want to mass-taste more than 80 local food trucks and restaurants, check out the Street Food Showdown, on July 2nd at the YVR Food Festival.

YVR Food Fest

Also in the delicious range of events is The Big Brunch – largest in Vancouver’s history, they say – on Monday, July 3rd at Olympic Village.

Happy Noshing!

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header Image: Merry Company. Isack Elyas, 1629


Brenna + Annie + Utility Box


YVR Dali

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton