The Blumenthal Room

18th Century painter Mathias Blumenthal moved to Norway in 1749. You’ll find beautiful examples of this ‘History and Portrait Depicter’s’ work in The Blumenthal Room or the Blumenthalrommet at Kode 3 Museum in Bergen.

In 1760, Blumenthal was hired by wealthy businessman and Dutch consul Henrik Jansen Fasmer to adorn his banquet hall with myths and allegorical morals. His Rococo paintings have been exported to Kode 3 along with Fasmer’s stucco firewall, doors and wainscot panelling.

Blumenthal’s depictions include the 1756 great fire of Bergen. The sea-god Neptune offers comfort and a share of the ocean’s wealth.

Urania, ‘the heavenly’ muse, centers a Greco-Roman ceiling painting that includes putti representing faith, hope, love, obedience, temperance, patience and caregiving.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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