Black Forest Cake

Chocolate, sour cherries, sponge cake, kirsch, whipping cream, dark chocolate curls. What’s not to like?

Black Forest cake – or Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte –   gets its name from Schwarzwälder Kirsch, a sour cherry liqueur distilled in Germany. Some say that the inspiration for this 16th Century sweet came from the Bollenhut, a heavily pompommed hat worn in the Gutach, Hornberg-Reichenbach and Wolfach-Kirnbach regions. Red pompoms meant you were single; black pompoms meant you were married.



Thankfully, marital status pompoms are no longer a requirement, but the pompom cake endures.

West Boulevard’s Michele Cake Shop is one place in Vancouver where you can find yourself a scrumptious, fresh Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. Michele’s cherries, whipping cream and chocolate are sneaky –  good as ever, but somehow leaving you with the delusion that you have just eaten a deliciously light little snack.

Michele’s Cake Shop is a most efficient bakery with savoury offerings: pork buns, mini chicken pies, and sweet: pineapple buns, ladyfingers, fruit tarts, chestnut cake, mango mousse lava cake and, of course, Black Forest Cake.

For those within a certain radius, they will deliver.



If you want to try creating a Black Forest of your own, Jamie Oliver has a recipe for Black Forest Frozen Cheesecake.




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