Blackberry Port Cider + Scot Pine

Happy Mother’s Day to Mums and those celebrating their Mums.

If you’re looking for a local tipple to end your Mother’s Day dinner, consider Black Applejack from the Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse on the Saanich Peninsula, north of Victoria. Sea Cider was founded by Kristen Needham, Cidermaster and sixth-generation farmer.

Here’s the bottle we bought, nestled in another great Mother’s Day present: Flowers. Art & Bouquets, the gorgeous coffee table book by Sixtine Dubly from Assouline.

Black Applejack’s slender bottle with the vermilion-coloured nectar caught the sun and our eye. The innards are rich with blackberry and a wisp of green apple. It’s a touch sweet without the syrupy texture of many dessert drinks. Needham and her team were inspired by American Colonial moonshining techniques. Their creation is a blend of hard cider and cider eau de vie.

Meet Cidermaster Needham at her Saanich Cidery.

A toast to you, Mums!

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header Image: Breakfast Table with Blackberry Pie. Willem Clasz


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Elizabeth Newton