25 Nov 2022

Giles Runeckles @ First Pick

i. Your Name: Giles Runeckles & ZOOHAUS ii. I am a: Cross-disciplinary Designer Maker Shaper of Things. Shaping of things is a way to encapsulate where my interests, passions and expertise have led me. Initially I began my design inquiry in Graphic Design & Communication. This in turn naturally progressed with Exhibition

25 Nov 2022

Sonya Marie-Pierre Labrie @ First Pick

i. Your Name: Sonya Marie-Pierre Labrie, creator of SML Glassworks ii. I am a: Glass artist /Glassblower, designer, and instructor iii. Show dates + location: Upcoming show, will be First Pick Handmade, Dec 10-11 at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street in Vancouver hours are 11m-6pm daily. . . iv. The type

23 Nov 2022

Steven Nederveen. The Ocean in Us

i. Name: Steven Nederveen ii. I am a mixed media artist. iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is: The Ocean in Us November 19 – 30th, 2022 Bau-Xi Gallery – 3045 Granville Street, Vancouver,  BC,  V6H 3J9 . Steven Nederveen. Opening . iv. In describing the show in 3

18 Nov 2022

Yasmeen Strang @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Yasmeen Strang. ii. I am a: Photographer. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location:  Studio 440 – 1000 Parker Street. I share a studio with photographer, Pauli Ann Carriere and artist, Cameron McLellan. Our studio will be open Thursday, November 17 and Friday, November 18 from 5 pm to 10 pm and Saturday,

15 Nov 2022

Ann Goldberg. Perennial Canadians

i. Name: Ann Goldberg  ii. I am a: Hyperrealist painter   iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is: ‘Perennial Canadians, Connecting to Nature During the Pandemic’ Solo exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver. The show runs from Monday, November 28th, 2022 to Thursday, January 12th, 2023. I will be

13 Nov 2022

Ben Burnett @ The Crawl

i. Your Name: Ben Burnett of Zillion Design . ii. I am a custom furniture and lighting designer/maker. . iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: I’ll be open for the Crawl from the 18th to the 20th at 716 East Hastings St. (entrance in the alley). .. . iv. The

13 Nov 2022

Elaine Garrett @ The Crawl

i. My name is Elaine Garrett.  My company’s name is Canadian Hat Maker. ii. I am a hat maker that specializes in making one of-a-kind custom hats. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: Studio 360 at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver is where I am located.  I am

12 Nov 2022

Hitomi Mckenzie @ The Crawl

i. Your Name: Hitomi Mckenzie. . ii. I am a Ceramic Artist. . iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: Eastside Culture Crawl Nov 17-20th, 2022 / Mergatroid Building, 975 Vernon Dr, Studio 215. . . iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is: Porcelain Functional Tableware.

09 Nov 2022

Hope Forstenzer @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Hope Forstenzer. ii. I am a Glass artist iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl location: Terminal City Glass Co-op, 1191 Parker Street (The Mergatroid Building) . . iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is: Glass wall clocks, small lights, vases, christmas tree ornaments v.

09 Nov 2022

Amanda Wood @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Amanda Wood ii. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I slip between different ways of working depending on the feeling or quality I’m looking for in a particular work. I might use alternative photography techniques to capture light, or a fleeting moment, or I might use hand weaving to think