Boxing Up Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day 😀 Many of us will spend the day hunting down the last bargains left standing after the Black Friday to Christmas frenzy.

But, way back in Victorian England, Boxing Day was about boxing up goods to present to workers whose toil helped more fortunate houses run smoothly. Those receiving boxes included tradespeople, milkmen, postmen. In less noble exchanges, the recipients were ‘servants.’

In honour of the holiday’s most noble intent – and in thanks for those men and women who still deliver one-click, next-day boxes to our doorsteps – here are some special stamps that were created for Canada’s 150th birthday. The series, based on the work of iconic Canadian photographers, was designed by stamp designer StĂ©phane Huot.

Included is Bogner’s Grocery, pictured in our header and the work of renowned Vancouver photographer, Fred Herzog. Other stamps in the 150th Canadian Photography collection are:

Amidst all of the Boxing Day shopping madness, may today bring useful gift boxes to those who make our lives easier and those who could use some help.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton