Brenna + Annie + Utility Box

Here are two more utility boxes that have been artfully wrapped by local creators as part of Vancouver’s Integrated Graffiti Management Program.

First, at 4th and Cypress, is the work of Brenna (Beetle) Mackinder. Brenna graduated from Capilano University’s IDEA program and now works in town as an illustrator and graphic designer. Much of her work is watercolour mixed-media or digital and it often ‘features dark surrealist images that challenge the human condition.’

Her Kits Utility box was inspired by the area’s lifestyle and fashion focus.

Brenna Beetle Website

At 10th and Main, you’ll find the utility box designed by Annie Wilkinson. Annie is a busy children’s illustrator who works across a number of mediums. Her work has been published in Simon & Schuster, Hasbro, LadyBird Books, National Geographic.

Annie describes the inspiration behind her utility box. ‘In the mid-90s in Mount Pleasant, I had the fortune to live with a group of musician friends in one of two neighbouring houses with rehearsal spaces in their basements. Between these two houses, some 7 or 8 bands either lived and worked there and went on to become an integral part of the Vancouver music scene. I chose to commemorate this happy and significant period of my life on the utility box art at Main and 10th.’

Annie Wilkinson Website

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton