Cake. A Modern Marie Antoinette

“I am terrified of being bored.”

So said 21 year old Queen Marie Antoinette to Comte Florimond Mercy d’Argenteau, her Austrian advisor.

Marie Antoinette would certainly not be bored by the notion of being fully festooned in carefully curated flowers then captured by a talented painter on a 6 by 4 foot canvas. Even better if the painting is named in her honour: Ms. Antoinette.

Artist Ann Goldberg offers this Ms. Antoinette as a feature in her new exhibit: Cake. A Modern Marie Antoinette, running at the Pendulum Gallery at 885 West Georgia Street from October 19th to November 14, 2020.

‘My work is influenced by my background as a mathematician and an architect,’ says Goldberg. ‘This background infuses all of my work with an artistic exactness supported by the ​demands of these disciplines.’

‘Upon initial inspiration,’ Goldberg continues, ‘I utilize technology as a tool by capturing hundreds of high-resolution digital photographs in order to find the perfect vehicle for my message. I then edit the chosen images for enhanced clarity, saturation and brightness if need be, imparting a deeper sense of legitimate originality.’

A sampling of the work you’ll see …


Pink Cupcake in Sidney . 2019


Pearls I . 2020


White Peonies . 2020


Pink Anniversary Flowers in Alaska . 2018


Pink Flamingos (inspired by Annabels London). 2019


White Flower. 2018


Cake at the Serpentine London (The Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Zaha Hadid Architects). 2020


Header: Ms Antoinette . 2019 


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton