Carry On Ema Peter

Earlier this month, we were delighted to feature a Q and A with talented architectural photographer, Ema Peter, whose award-winning work can be found in publications from Architectural Digest to Dwell and the New York Times.

A Vancouverite, Peter’s work takes her across the world. We were eager to see and learn a little more about her camera travels.

“I honestly believe that traveling opens invisible doors,” Peter tells us. “You discover yourself and parts of your soul when you are somewhere completely new. I travel constantly, for 10 years I was on the road for over 240 days a year and it felt like the biggest adventure, being on my own and doing so many shoots meant that now I can talk to absolutely anyone and in any situation. My camera is my only companion and I love nothing more than to stroll in New York or Paris with a camera from early morning to late evening searching for my decisive moments.”

“When I worked with Expedia I was sent to do destination images and virtual tours and I remember walking around some of the major cities for days. I managed to get in so much trouble, photographing too close to MI6 and getting my equipment taken from authorities, being literally kicked out of Covent Garden once and the Vatican endless times. I always have to get that shot!”

Safe from M16, Peter is here to show us some of her photos from Hong Kong and Milan.

Ema Peter Q + A


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