04 Jan 2019

Lagerfeld + Humm – 7 Days Out

Have you been watching 7 Days Out? It’s a late December Netflix offering from Andrew Rossi, who also directed The First Monday in May. In it, we ‘witness the excitement and drama behind the scenes in the seven days leading up to major live events in the worlds of sports, fashion,

26 Oct 2018

Insiders On The Publishing Process

Last weekend, writers from New Brunswick to Scotland to New York flew into town for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference.  A series of great panels included editors and agents Marilyn Biderman, Genevieve Gagne-Hawes, Donald Maass, Thao Le and Steven Salpeter talking about how the traditional publishing process really works. Some

25 May 2018

Susan Almrud: Taking Creative Risks

Susan Almrud knows a lot about taking creative risks. After running her own gallery here in Vancouver, she decided to head to the open waters of New York and a career as an art dealer. Now, she works alongside high profile artists who have much scrutinized bodies of work and

24 Dec 2017

Building Industry Connections

‘It’s not what you know. It’s who you know’. There’s a phrase as dreaded by creators as its corollary: networking. Will cream rise? Will talent out? Perhaps. But, there are plenty of bills to be paid and plenty of gatekeepers to be wooed in the interim. How can professional creators

02 Apr 2017

Why Do It? 9 Creators Weigh In

Few people will say that the full-time creator’s life is easy. There can be vulnerability in presenting your work, financial instability, waves of self-doubt, pressure to get a ‘real job.’ So, why do artists persist? We mined some of our Vancouver creator profiles from the last year for some insight: “It

01 Jan 2017

10 Tips From 10 Creators

2017  😊 We hope the year brings you health, happiness and new adventures. We have enjoyed our second year at Creators Vancouver, exploring our great city and interviewing talented  artists of many stripes. Thank you for your support! As we embark on a New Year, we have gone through our 2016

01 Jan 2016

8 Tips From 8 Creators

Happy New Year! 2015 has been an exciting first year for Creators Vancouver. We have so enjoyed exploring the creative corners of our city and meeting interesting people from all sorts of different fields. These Vancouver creators have offered us insights into their creative passions and pursuits. We have gone through