21 Jun 2019

Kirsten Wicklund +

i. I am a: dance artist. ii. The name of my upcoming show is: “EDGE SIX”​ and it is a mixed program that will close Dancing on the Edge Festival 2019! It features my solo work entitled “Afloat amidst the steam of my combustion” alongside the solo work of Ziyian

16 Jun 2019

Dads On Canvas

Happy Day to all the Dads who – through wins and losses, rebellion and disappointment, unexpected pivots, and bittersweet news – are there for their kids. ♥ Here are some fathers who have been captured on canvas over the centuries. No guarantees that all enjoyed idyllic relationships with their children!

11 Jun 2019

Kim Keever

i. I work as an artist. ii. I do this creative work because it makes me feel like I am accomplishing something with my life. As a young man graduating high school I had no real direction in my life. I was working in a factory, trying to meet a

31 May 2019

Jamie Evrard ’19

Of Innocence and Experience. Jamie Evrard has a wonderful new show starting June 1st at the Bau-Xi Vancouver. We asked the talented artist to tell us about the intriguing title of her new exhibition: Of Innocence and Experience. “I never know.  It’s always risky to go into the studio,” Evrard says. “Maybe

24 May 2019

Dining For Luck

Have you eaten your honey today? No? Zeus says put down the phone for a moment and get to it. Honey will give you wisdom if, says Zeus, you start eating it young and if, adds Pythagoras, you eat it a lot. Honey is just one staple in a cupboard

14 May 2019

Keirstead Farris

i. I work as: Owner, Rock Steady Tees, Co-owner, Teatowels.ca ii. I do this creative work because: I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and work for myself and I love interpreting people’s ideas into cool graphics. I love making tea towels. They are the perfect gift. iii. Personal qualities

03 May 2019

Andrew Cohen

i. My name is Andy. I work as an actor….which is a bit of an umbrella term that also includes singer, tap dancer, director, choreographer, music director, arranger, videographer, teacher, globetrotter, moment-maker, food-taster… ii. I do this creative work because I want to. And thus far have been lucky enough

28 Apr 2019

Steven Nederveen

i. I work as a mixed media artist, merging my photography with acrylic paint. ii. I do this creative work: Because I want to share an interpretation of nature that reveals a deeper, more spiritual connection to people. Meditation informs these visions by giving me a sense of universal belonging and

21 Apr 2019

Lowry’s Last Lap to the Sea

Malcolm Lowry was an oft heard name on our phone lines. When Dad was a twenty-something writer, he met Lowry – twenty years his senior – at Earle Birney’s Deep Cove hut. Biographers would call, asking Dad to talk about his ensuing friendship with the brilliant, hard-living author of Under The

16 Apr 2019

Opie @ Elizabeth Taylor’s House

You likely recognize the Andy Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor above. You might have even seen one of Warhol’s Liz series if you’ve been lucky to travel to museums like The Tate in London. Now, take a look at the version below, photographed in Elizabeth Taylor’s house. You’ll notice a shadowy