31 Mar 2020

To The Grocery Store Workers

The rain, the price of grapes, the Breaking News of the hour. They’re just fleeting conversations at the grocery till, but they matter. For some – the widowed regular, the homesick sophomore – a familiar, friendly grocery clerk might offer the only meaningful social contact of the day. Now, in the

29 Mar 2020

To The Doctors + Nurses

As a child, I saw how deeply Mum’s work as a nurse impacted her patients. With her starched white cap and her carefully ironed white dress, she would leave the house with purpose – be it in the wee hours of the morning, or after a long day of driving

24 Mar 2020

Canadian Filmmakers @ NFB

Before bouncy castles, ball rooms, wave pools, and trampoline parks, Canadian parents knew where to turn for birthday party padding: the Canadian National Film Board. Mums and Dads drove about town fetching projectors, portable screens, and well-worn film cannisters. Birthday snacks in hand, we kids squished into neighbourhood living rooms

21 Mar 2020

Measha Brueggergosman Launches Urgnt

Artists are often called upon to donate their time and work for fundraisers, community events. Once again, they are stepping to the plate to buoy our spirits in lockdown. A new series – Urgnt Live – is ‘an ad hoc crowd-funded livestream series in empty venues created in response to the

20 Mar 2020

Canada Performs

With event cancellation after event cancellation, Canadian performing artists have seen their finances tested. The National Arts Centre and Facebook Canada have partnered to create a $100,000 fund to pay artists $1000 for online performances that will be shared on NAC’s Facebook page. The livestreams are scheduled to run for

17 Mar 2020

Ben Platt’s QuaranTunes Dance Party

Speaking of Dear Evan Hansen, Benjamin Platt – whom you might also know from Netflix’s The Politician –  will be hosting a QuaranTunes Virtual Dance Party with some of his fellow Broadway performers today at 3pm PST. There’ll be Lizzo, Beyonce, Aretha, the Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish. Details on Platt’s

15 Mar 2020

Chelene Knight

i. I work as a writer, editor, publishing consultant, and creative writing teacher. ii. I do this creative work because: I have always felt a pull toward the publishing industry. I also believe strongly in finding new ways to help writers build community and sustain long-term careers in the arts. iii.

06 Mar 2020

Jamie Evrard 2020

‘”Making art is a way of taking possession,” says talented Vancouver artist Jamie Evrard, “a way of finding out how things really are, or perhaps of making them as I would like them to be. If a few days go by without my having drawn or painted, I become completely

25 Feb 2020

András Schiff

What do you do if you have written a Sonata as brilliant as the Appassionata? Well, even if you’re Beethoven, you take a beat. You wait. “So Beethoven knew, exactly, that he had written his greatest piano sonata until now,” says beknighted pianist, classical musical scholar, and conductor, András Schiff,

16 Feb 2020

Boom, Bust, War + Edith Adams

If you visit the Museum of Vancouver’s 1930s-1940s: Boom, Bust, and War, you’ll see multiple references to Edith Adams and her Wartime Cookbooks. ‘Easter has Eggs and Eggs – and Each Means A Good Dish.’ Like Betty Crocker, Edith Adams didn’t exist. Ms. Adams – whose apostrophe seems to have