30 Jan 2018

Hawksworth’s Nightingale

“My son’s a painter,” said jazz virtuoso Charles Mingus. “All through school his teachers tell him he’s a genius. I tell him to paint me an apple that looks like an apple before he paints me one that doesn’t. Go where you can go, but start from someplace recognizable. Making

23 Jan 2018

Lui Shou Kwan + Emily Carr

“The ultimate goal in Chinese painting is a homecoming and the revelation of one’s true self.” So said Lui Shou Kwan, founder of Hong Kong’s New Ink Movement. “Only when emptiness is created can the true and genuine reality be generated.” Emptiness is the name of the exhibit that Lui Shou

16 Jan 2018

Emily Upham

i. I work as a cake artist/pastry chef. I own “When Pigs Fly Pastries” – a specialty cake and pastry business with everything made custom for each client. With the exception of the fondant, all aspects of my cakes are completely made from scratch. All decorations used are 100% edible and

05 Jan 2018

David Sedaris

Word has it that David Sedaris is coming to the Vogue Theatre on May 13th! If you enjoy his writing and audio readings, it’s worth seeing him live. With that distinctive voice, he brings his irreverent, incisive stories to life, and sneaks in shocking Rated X bits he daren’t commit to writing.

02 Jan 2018

Mel Gausden

I work as a full-time artist. I create oil paintings that explore themes of personal and cultural identity. I do this creative work because… It’s always been my passion in life. I couldn’t be anything else. Even in elementary school I would sit in the schoolyard at recess with a

26 Dec 2017

Boxing Up Boxing Day

Happy Boxing Day 😀 Many of us will spend the day hunting down the last bargains left standing after the Black Friday to Christmas frenzy. But, way back in Victorian England, Boxing Day was about boxing up goods to present to workers whose toil helped more fortunate houses run smoothly. Those receiving boxes included tradespeople, milkmen,

19 Dec 2017

Laura Handford

i. I work as a silversmith ~ ii. I do this creative work because it feeds my spirit AND pays my bills. I am so blessed to have a lifestyle of making, creating, dreaming, and offering the results to  others! ~ iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are imagination,

15 Dec 2017

Gordon Smith: The Black Paintings

Now 98 years old, artist Gordon Smith has his fifth solo exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. His Black Paintings features a rich set of works, many of which reference his World War II experiences. Smith was an intelligence officer whose right leg nerves were blown apart in Operation Husky – 1943, in Leonforte, close to

08 Dec 2017

Sarah Edmonds

i. We work as artists/designers. ~ ‘We’ is Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence of Banquet Workshop.~ ii. We do this creative work because we love to make things. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are perseverance, perfectionism, joy and gratitude. iv. The greatest challenges around doing this work are

05 Dec 2017

Joanna Lovett

i. I work as a jewellery designer and maker. ii. I do this creative work because… I love to create original jewellery inspired by nature that can act as life markers for the people who collect and wear it. While doing this work requires a lot of other business skills,