28 Apr 2019

Steven Nederveen

i. I work as a mixed media artist, merging my photography with acrylic paint. ii. I do this creative work: Because I want to share an interpretation of nature that reveals a deeper, more spiritual connection to people. Meditation informs these visions by giving me a sense of universal belonging and

21 Apr 2019

Lowry’s Last Lap to the Sea

Malcolm Lowry was an oft heard name on our phone lines. When Dad was a twenty-something writer, he met Lowry – twenty years his senior – at Earle Birney’s Deep Cove hut. Biographers would call, asking Dad to talk about his ensuing friendship with the brilliant, hard-living author of Under The

16 Apr 2019

Opie @ Elizabeth Taylor’s House

You likely recognize the Andy Warhol portrait of Elizabeth Taylor above. You might have even seen one of Warhol’s Liz series if you’ve been lucky to travel to museums like The Tate in London. Now, take a look at the version below, photographed in Elizabeth Taylor’s house. You’ll notice a shadowy

09 Apr 2019

Ema Peter

i. I work as an Architectural Photographer ii. I do this creative work because: I fell in love with photography the first time I held a camera at 6 years old. I grew up traveling with my dad who was a film camera man; sleeping in equipment vans and sitting

02 Apr 2019

Graphic Atwood

‘My 87 year-old grandma just got her first look at my Handmaid’s Tale adaptation.’ So tweets Vancouver-born artist Renée Nault, illustrator behind the just-released graphic novel. Grandma opens it: ‘gasps “oh, it’s this kind of book!!” …she didn’t realize it was a graphic novel, she thought I’d spent all this

02 Apr 2019

Sue Muir

i.  I work as a Jewelry Designer. ii. I do this creative work because: I’ve never really liked store bought jewelry so I started making my own. I like the idea of wearing something that is made with thought and purpose. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work:

29 Mar 2019

Shizuka Kai

i. I work as a: Set/Props Designer and Puppeteer/Puppet Creator. ii. I do this creative work because: I love exploring different mediums of art, collaborating with others, and making an impact on people with live theatre. iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are: Being easy-going and always

26 Mar 2019

Daniel Kalla

It’s launch day! Today, We All Fall Down – the new suspense novel from bestselling author and Vancouverite, Daniel Kalla – comes out. This is the tenth novel from Kalla, who also works locally as an ER physician at a busy downtown hospital. ‘What might happen,’ Kalla asks with We

22 Mar 2019

Arnielle Boado

i. I work as a:  Jewellery designer and owner of Elle and Zeine Designs. ii. I do this creative work because: It’s therapeutic for me, just like spending time in nature…it’s soothing for my soul and I enjoy it! I create whimsical, colourful, and uniquely modern copper jewellery for crystal

15 Mar 2019

Kassandra Taylor

i. I work as a: By day, I work as a social media marketer for artisans in the Vancouver community, and by night I am the jewelry designer behind Amara Blue Designs, a company that primarily specializes in personalized jewelry. ii. I do this creative work because: I do this