20 Sep 2020

Early Music Vancouver

Where does one go to find four renaissance lutes? And how about some baroque timpani, an 1890s Erard Piano, and a small Italian single-manual harpsichord built by José Verstappen? Early Music Vancouver has these and other rare, historical instruments in their collection. Now in their 51styear, EMV is known for

11 Sep 2020

The Gastown Steam Clock

It has always been a surprisingly popular stop. When we were Vancouver tour guides, the chatter would quicken as visitors neared the Gastown Steam Clock. “Is it hundreds of years old?” “It was designed to look like an antique, but built in 1977.” “Can we see it from here? Is it huge?” “It’s 17

04 Sep 2020

Flamenco Fierce

‘While the poet wrestles with the horses in his brain and the sculptor wounds his eyes on the hard spark of alabaster, the dancer battles the air around her, air that threatens at any moment to destroy her harmony or to open huge empty spaces where her rhythm will be

30 Aug 2020

Art In Progress

East to west, north to south, you’ll find artists painting their festival murals in neighbourhoods across the city. In this beautiful sunny weather, it’s fun to walk safely outside and watch these artists plot and paint their walls. The Vancouver Mural Festival app is helpful in showing you how close

21 Aug 2020

Vancouver Mural Fest 2020

Vancouver is well into its fifth annual Mural Festival, which runs until September 7th. There will be no big street party this year, but smaller events continue, many online. All in all, artists will be creating 60 plus murals across 9 neighbourhoods. With the VMF app, you can check out

18 Aug 2020

New Arrivals 2

Art endures. Here’s a glimpse at more of the great work that Canadian artists are releasing out into the world this mad, mad summer. You can see work details and more offerings through the Bau-Xi Galleries, Vancouver and Toronto. . Cara Barer. Coloring Book 2 . Isabelle Menin. New Rome

11 Aug 2020

This Just In

Through the tumult of 2020, artists continue to produce wonderful work. Here are some of the New Arrivals produced by Bau-Xi Gallery artists in Vancouver and Toronto. . . Virginia Mak. Of One’s Own 14 . David Leventi. Curtain, The Imperial Theatre, Chateau De Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau, France . Andre Petterson. Shoreline

09 Aug 2020

Hockey Sounds In Canada

Finally! The hockey soundtrack is back on in our sports-deprived homes: blades scraping, sticks tapping, players shouting from the bench, body checks into the boards, pucks hitting crossbars, coaches yelling at refs. Real or audio-enhanced, the bubble rink sounds good. The on-air commentators are rattling through team player names, formations,

02 Aug 2020

Beautiful BC

Happy B.C. Day Long Weekend! Do you recognize this tartan? . . This is B.C.’s official tartan, designed by Victoria’s Earl K. Ward in 1967 and officially adopted by the province in 1974. Each colour in the tartan represents a signature aspect of British Columbia: i. White is for our

31 Jul 2020

Symphonic Pride

The pandemic has been brutal for freelance performers who rely on live gigs to craft a living. The Vancouver Pride Society has had to reimagine their annual parade. This evening, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and the Vancouver Pride Society are collaborating for Symphonic Pride – a free, ‘live streamed variety