17 Jun 2018

Gassy Jack

We call it ‘Gastown’ because of him. Visitors tromp down to his statue to snap and pose. Yet, for 97 years, the body of John Deighton – aka ‘Gassy Jack’ – lay in an unmarked grave. It was not until September 30th, 1972 that Gassy Jack’s body was identified at

10 Jun 2018

Dancing On The Edge

‘Overlapped mattresses slashed, ripped open by a knife, mutilated. A mishmash of resurrected objects, a breath of life in death. A no man’s land of destruction where Peter James and Jassem Hindi form a duo of wandering vagabonds, survivors killing time and boredom, spewing out and sublimating their pain and

05 Jun 2018

Arbutus Greenway

After all the land wrangling, the Arbutus Greenway is now a vibrant community throughfare. It’s alive with pre-schoolers on their orange-wheeled bikes, couples walking their lookalike dogs and retirees racing to the next fence. The Greenway is punctuated with wild flowers, diamond-painted utility boxes  and the hard work of private

01 Jun 2018

Vancouver Children’s Festival

You’ll see the signs all over Granville Island. Until June 3rd, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival is in full swing. Their tag line? ‘Let’s Get Creatively Playful.’ ~ ~ Along with all sorts of DIY activities, the Festival will feature kids’ performers from across Canada. Included are Quebec’s Les Parfaits Inconnus

27 May 2018

Latin American Resistance Art @ MOA

In his Don Quixote, Carlos Fuentes writes: ‘Art gives life to what history killed. Art gives voice to what history denied, silenced or persecuted. Art brings truth to the lies of history.’ Fuentes’ words come to life in the Museum of Anthropology’s current exhibition: Arts of Resistance. Politics and the

13 May 2018

Queen Elizabeth Plaza

When Queen Elizabeth visited Vancouver in 1959, we kept her busy. There was a visit to the newly opened UBC Faculty Club and the opening of the Deas Island Tunnel. The latter involved QEII giving Premier WAC Bennett a dime in exchange for a fancy pair of sterling silver scissors. This

08 May 2018

Granville Island Art Smash

As you wander in and out of Granville Island this week, you can stop to watch talented artists painting murals under the Granville Street Bridge. Participating in Art Smash – a collaboration between the Island and Vancouver Mural Festival – is Musqueam artist Debra Sparrow, Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez and

06 May 2018

Vancouver Opera Backstage

It was the night before the opening of Lady Macbeth and Parvin Mirhady, Head of Wardrobe for The Vancouver Opera, had all the costumes ready to go. Then, she got the call: the leading lady was coming down with a sore throat, her replacement might need to go on instead.

04 May 2018

Crafted Vancouver

How would you like to learn how to: make creative cocktails from an award-winning bartender, prepare a traditional Japanese tea ceremony schooled by a certified instructor in the Omotesenke tradition, hand-set and print fine press books, watch a master Chilkat weaver, or walk your way through ten tables of master

29 Apr 2018

UBC Botanical Garden

Garden life was not easy for Botany John. B.C.’s first provincial botanist was the brains behind UBC’s botanical garden. The original site for his thousands of plants and shrubs was on the Essondale hospital grounds in Coquitlam. When the Office of the Provincial Botanist closed in 1916, Botany John and