10 Dec 2022

Festival of Lights @ VanDusen

When Louise XIV walked through the Versailles gardens, his staff were on the ready. Turn on the this fountain then that as he strolls by. Give those pipes and pumps a break when the Sun King is out of sight. But, the intricate gardens of André Le Nôtre were to be

25 Nov 2022

Giles Runeckles @ First Pick

i. Your Name: Giles Runeckles & ZOOHAUS ii. I am a: Cross-disciplinary Designer Maker Shaper of Things. Shaping of things is a way to encapsulate where my interests, passions and expertise have led me. Initially I began my design inquiry in Graphic Design & Communication. This in turn naturally progressed with Exhibition

25 Nov 2022

Sonya Marie-Pierre Labrie @ First Pick

i. Your Name: Sonya Marie-Pierre Labrie, creator of SML Glassworks ii. I am a: Glass artist /Glassblower, designer, and instructor iii. Show dates + location: Upcoming show, will be First Pick Handmade, Dec 10-11 at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street in Vancouver hours are 11m-6pm daily. . . iv. The type

18 Nov 2022

Yasmeen Strang @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Yasmeen Strang. ii. I am a: Photographer. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location:  Studio 440 – 1000 Parker Street. I share a studio with photographer, Pauli Ann Carriere and artist, Cameron McLellan. Our studio will be open Thursday, November 17 and Friday, November 18 from 5 pm to 10 pm and Saturday,

13 Nov 2022

Ben Burnett @ The Crawl

i. Your Name: Ben Burnett of Zillion Design . ii. I am a custom furniture and lighting designer/maker. . iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: I’ll be open for the Crawl from the 18th to the 20th at 716 East Hastings St. (entrance in the alley). .. . iv. The

13 Nov 2022

Elaine Garrett @ The Crawl

i. My name is Elaine Garrett.  My company’s name is Canadian Hat Maker. ii. I am a hat maker that specializes in making one of-a-kind custom hats. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: Studio 360 at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver is where I am located.  I am

12 Nov 2022

Hitomi Mckenzie @ The Crawl

i. Your Name: Hitomi Mckenzie. . ii. I am a Ceramic Artist. . iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: Eastside Culture Crawl Nov 17-20th, 2022 / Mergatroid Building, 975 Vernon Dr, Studio 215. . . iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is: Porcelain Functional Tableware.

09 Nov 2022

Hope Forstenzer @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Hope Forstenzer. ii. I am a Glass artist iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl location: Terminal City Glass Co-op, 1191 Parker Street (The Mergatroid Building) . . iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is: Glass wall clocks, small lights, vases, christmas tree ornaments v.

09 Nov 2022

Amanda Wood @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Amanda Wood ii. I am an interdisciplinary artist. I slip between different ways of working depending on the feeling or quality I’m looking for in a particular work. I might use alternative photography techniques to capture light, or a fleeting moment, or I might use hand weaving to think

08 Nov 2022

Serena Chu @ The Crawl

i. Name: Serena Chu ii. I am a pottery teacher, ceramic and mural artist. iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location: My studio is located at 1630 Pandora Street and will be open Nov 17-18 from 5pm-10pm and Nov 19-20 from 11am-6pm. . . iv. The type of work