15 Feb 2022

We Won An Anthem Award!

Woohoo! We are thrilled to announce that the Creators Vancouver website has won a Silver Medal in the Inaugural Anthem Awards.  🤸‍♂️ The Anthem Awards – a new sister to the Webby Awards – recognizes ‘the breadth of social good work (online and offline) around the globe by honoring the

13 Feb 2022

Love Lights @ Capilano Suspension Bridge

For those of you who are not terrified of heights – *sits down* – Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is known for featuring hundreds of thousands of Canyon Lights during the holiday season. And now, until February the 28th, the suspension bridge itself, the Cliffwalk, and the Chandelier will glow with Valentine-hued

04 Feb 2022

Love In The Rain

“The romantic gestures cause long-term heritage degradation and danger to visitors.” What could inspire Health and Safety officials from Paris – City of Light and Love, no less – to say such a thing? It was the engraved love locks that couples were latching onto the city’s Pont des Arts

01 Feb 2022

Lucky Clementines

Happy Lunar New Year! Prosperity, happiness, and good health to you as we usher in the Year of the Tiger. One of the most commonly offered symbols of good fortune and abundance is the orange, particularly of the clementine variety. Our lucky oranges come in the form of beautiful paintings.

28 Jan 2022

Got Craft Foodie 2022

If you’re lucky, you might have tasted those yummy lemon square samples at Granville Island. In 2015, co-founder Chef Dan Spratling told us that the much hunted-down lemon recipe travelled here with him from Australia. Courtesy, that is, of his mother. As he said: “I have to give credit to

18 Jan 2022

Hot Chocolate Festival ’22

Need to get out of the house and warm your innards? The Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, now in its 12th year, offers a delicious way to support local entrepreneurs, many of whom have had a tough past two years. It is also a fundraiser for Growing Chefs – which

15 Jan 2022

Strung With Poet Sinews

In The Two Gentlemen of Verona, William Shakespeare wrote: ‘Write till your ink be dry, and with your tears Moist it again, and frame some feeling line That may discover such integrity: For Orpheus’ lute was strung with poets’ sinews, Whose golden touch could soften steel and stones, Make tigers

07 Jan 2022

VPL Recording Studios

Do you have a digital project that you would like to take to the next level? Podcast, video or audio-recording? First episode of your new YouTube series? Check out the Vancouver Public Library’s Inspiration Lab. It’s 7,500 square feet, it’s stocked with the latest recording technology and it’s free for use with

02 Jan 2022

Vancouver Reads Through It

Have your reading and watching habits changed during the last two years? If yes, are you more likely to dive in and learn all you can about each new horror as it arises? Or does your waking and sleeping brain yearn for some light-hearted escape? Overall, what did Canadians –

31 Dec 2021

Mystery Portraits

This week, City of Vancouver Archives posted an intriguing portrait of an unidentified man from the early 1920s. It made us wonder how many other such unnamed portraits sit in our city vaults. As it turns out: lots. Who are these unidentified people? What were their life stories? Our header