26 Jan 2018

Jazz @ The Chan

You can lift your hat way up when Nelson Mandela calls you the ‘Mozart’ of South Africa. The recipient of Mandela’s praise, stacks of awards and the respect of musicians across the world is pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, and he’s coming to the Chan Centre on February 18th. Ibrahim – who

19 Jan 2018

Up Yew

Only my arteries have fond memories of the fitness instructor who liked to chase us up and down Yew Street. The steep ascent from Kits Beach is better suited to a San Francisco shuffle and a soothing cup of tea. There are plenty of things to admire if you take your time on

14 Jan 2018

Most Borrowed Canadian Books

Last week, we saw the Vancouver Public Library’s most checked-out books of 2017. What are their Top 10 Canadian checked-out books of all time, well from the last 15 years when they started tracking? Most Borrowed Canadian Adult Books Since 2002 The Corporation. Joel Bakan. 2004 Obasan. Joy Kogawa. 1983

09 Jan 2018

Filming Vancouver Neighbourhoods

Whether you live in Vancouver or are planning a visit, it’s interesting to see how filmmakers define and capture our different neighbourhoods. Filmmakers with Tourism Vancouver are doing just that with their Very Vancouver Neighbourhoods series. They are working their way through the city, and in so doing capturing many of

02 Jan 2018

Top 10 Books @ The Library

The Vancouver Public Library and CBC have revealed the most popular books checked out of the library in 2017.  How many of these are on your bedside table? Most Borrowed Fiction 2017 All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr. 2014 Rather Be the Devil, Ian Rankin. 2016 Me Before You, Jojo

29 Dec 2017


On the twenty year anniversary of Harry Potter, it is fitting that we celebrate Kidsbooks, the first Canadian store to sell JK Rowling’s tale of Hermione, Ron and their scarred friend: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Founded by Phyllis Simon in 1983, Vancouver’s Kidsbooks quickly became the go-to spot

12 Dec 2017

Canada Binge Watches

Do you like Lord of the Rings? Do you like it enough to watch The Return of the King every single day of the year? Well, you can take a LOTR break on Easter, Thanksgiving, your birthday and Dress Up Your Pet Day. On each of the 361 remaining days, put aside

10 Dec 2017

Holiday Hobbs

If you don’t have the energy to create your own lantern-lit, mulled thermos, winterland hike, there are alternatives. To breathe in fresh cedar and pine while sipping fresh coffee and listening to holiday music, head down to Southlands Nursery. You can wind through candlelit paths while admiring a thicket of beautiful, healthy plants: holiday whites,

01 Dec 2017

Can You See Us Vancouver?

If holiday shopping has you kicking bells and cursing elves, it might be time for an art break. Right now, at the Pendulum Gallery on Georgia, you’ll find Can You See Us Vancouver, a wonderful small exhibit put on by Kickstart Disability Arts & Culture. Nine artists – all of whom

21 Nov 2017

Nutcracker ’17

In 1892, when the Nutracker premiered in St. Petersburg, it was hardly a hit. Said one noisy critic: ‘In the first scene the entire stage is filled with children, who run about, blow their whistles, hop and jump, are naughty, and interfere with the oldsters dancing. In large amounts this is