29 Jul 2022

Beautiful, Beautiful BC

It may be hot – really, just so hot – in parts of B.C. right now. But, the songbirds are singing up a storm, and the province could not be more beautiful. For all those in the province: hope you have a wonderful, safe BC Day Long Weekend. Perhaps, you’ll

22 Jul 2022

Vancouver Mural Festival 2022

The colourful strokes brighten our neighbourhoods: from Mount Pleasant to Strathcona, atop high profile buildings, and tucked down quiet alleys. Since 2016, VMF has introduced new, public artworks to our streets. The work of creating these murals has attracted  local and international artists,  audiences keen to watch them work, and

10 Jul 2022


In his 1926 poem ‘Long Trip’, Langston Hughes wrote: Long Trip The sea is a wilderness of waves, A desert of water. We dip and dive, Rise and roll, Hide and are hidden On the sea.    Day, night,    Night, day, The sea is a desert of waves, A wilderness of

29 Jun 2022

Photo Session @ Queen E

For decades, Queen Elizabeth Park – especially in late spring and summer – has been hopping with professional photographers and their beautifully dressed subjects. It’s fitting that when you visit the 52 hectare park, which sits 125 metres above sea level, you’ll see  J Seward Johnson’s bronze sculpture, Photo Session, installed

27 Jun 2022

Spring Summer 2023

Hurray! Summer weather has finally come to Vancouver (please let it stay sunny minus the heat dome). As we shove our sensible sweaters to the back of the closet, here is some creative clothing inspiration from designers and their Cruise, Resort, and Spring Summer collections. The videos – from all

20 Apr 2022

The Norris Crab

But who made it? It’s surprising how difficult it can be to find  information around who made certain buildings or historic pieces of outdoor art. There will be thousands of photographs from every which angle. Exact weights, heights, patina. Detailed logs of who had their picture taken by the artwork

09 Apr 2022

The Imitation Game

You are on one side of an opaque screen. A human and a humanoid are hidden on the other side. You have a reasonable amount of time to ask them questions. By the end of your interrogation, you must determine who is who. Who is the human; who is the

03 Apr 2022

Cherry Blossom Festival 2022

Once more than five flowers on the special Somei Yoshino trees have bloomed, the Tokyo Meteorological Agency declares the official start of cherry blossom season. Visitors crowd into Japan to celebrate the beauty of the sakura first-hand. Right now, here in Vancouver, there can be no doubt: it is cherry

08 Mar 2022

Free Spirit @ Gabriola Island

i. My Name: Catherine Hallam  ii. My Work: Over the years I have studied and have degrees in business, fashion, visual art, design and education. My own work is informed by textiles (screenprinting) as well as a variety of experimental drawing and painting techniques. I enjoy working large-scale and exploring the

01 Mar 2022

Don Coltman Shoots 1940s Vancouver

Thanks to photographer Don Coltman, we now have 5,122 new photographs in the City of Vancouver archives. These join the more than 10,000 Coltman photos that already reside in Vancouver’s digital library. Don Coltman was a WW1 Canadian battalion soldier whose horrors abroad included being buried alive, and having a