29 Apr 2016

Sarah Murray’s Vancouver

Vancouver serves as a willing backdrop to myriad movies, tv shows, video and photo shoots. Sometimes, directors will even admit that those buildings, lanes and waterways are Vancouver, not Seattle, New York, Alaska or Bangalore. Photographer Sarah Murray – who has lived here since 1992 – finds the Vancouver setting inspiring for both

26 Apr 2016


If you head to 16th and Main and look North down the alley, you’ll see Gado, another lively mural from artist Ilya Viryachev. Viryachev was inspired to create Gado after watching a documentary on the cutting of Brazilian rain forests in order to enable cattle farming. Ilya wondered: “Can we find a way

17 Apr 2016

Vancouver Artistamps

On May 26th, 1995, the Vancouver Public Library Square opened at 350 West Georgia. This Moshe Safdie-designed building – described as a ‘rectangle within an ellipse’ – took 26 months to finish. 600 truckloads of books and equipment made their way to the Square from the original library site at Robson

15 Apr 2016

Top Of The Tower

Who better to open the eye from the sky, The Vancouver Lookout, than Neil Armstrong? Astronaut Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon –  formally opened the lofty Harbour Tower on August 13, 1977. As  popular PR Man Tom Butler, wrote in his autobiography: ‘Astronaut Neil Armstrong,

10 Apr 2016

Murals On The Drive

If you are a fan of street murals, then The Drive is a great place to go peeking about. In their Drive Mural Project, the Commercial Drive Business Society has commissioned a number of Vancouver artists to create murals along this most unique of streets. Here is a sampling from the

08 Apr 2016

The Gilroys’ Vancouver

When the sun shines in through a well-crafted stained glass window, the richness of the colour and the warmth of the reflection set the room aglow. Stained glass artists spend hours looking in and out of windows, trying to capture light and to create a natural link between what is happening

03 Apr 2016

City Of Superheroes

The word is out: Vancouver is Superhero friendly. City native Ryan Reynolds, aka Deadpool, comes to superlife on our streets. Look at him Shoop right off the Georgia Viaduct. Arrow, Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow – they have all settled in nicely for filming. New in town are Archie and his

29 Mar 2016

Call For Vancouver Artists

Are you an artist looking to put your mark on Vancouver? Spring is in the air, and there are all sorts of official bodies calling for artist input. The City of Vancouver has a number of projects up for grabs, including the opportunity to bid on public murals and wrap designs to

27 Mar 2016

Don Corleone @ The Orpheum

It is one of the most recognizable opening themes of all time. The lone trumpet calls us in, clear and ominous. Nino Rota’s Godfather Waltz will not inspire the merriest of dancing. This Italian composer was brought on by Francis Ford Coppola to score the comings and goings of Don Vito, Sonny, Michael

25 Mar 2016

First Big Show

14 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes, 06 seconds. That is the current countdown to Somewhere Between Almost and Barely, an art exhibit at thisopenspace which features at least ten young artists. 18 year old Harriet Sales is one of the ten and right now she is finessing details and choosing last