25 Mar 2016

First Big Show

14 days, 11 hours, 18 minutes, 06 seconds. That is the current countdown to Somewhere Between Almost and Barely, an art exhibit at thisopenspace which features at least ten young artists. 18 year old Harriet Sales is one of the ten and right now she is finessing details and choosing last

20 Mar 2016

Portobello Spring Market

“Hi!” 10 year old Andrea is sitting with her Mother behind a booth at Portobello Market. In front of them are colourful coasters: Marilyn Monroe, Superman, Batman, cool cats. “That’s nice you’re out helping your Mum.” “Actually,” Mum pipes up, “it’s her business!” West Coast Coaster is 10 year old Andrea’s

18 Mar 2016

Tiko Kerr’s Vancouver

“Vancouver has never ceased to inspire me,” says treasured artist, Tiko Kerr. “I love seeing the city from the water. I am intimate with seaplanes, freighters, the Esso fuelling barge, the North Shore Mountains, harbour seals and herons.” Tiko is often commissioned to commemorate Vancouver landmarks and occasions. “I see myself

16 Mar 2016

Spring In Van Dusen

If you are looking for quiet inspiration, visit Van Dusen gardens in the Spring. The crowds are not yet there, but the flowering trees and bushes are beautiful. If the rain has just stopped falling, walk up to the waterfall area and breathe in the fresh woods smell. Over the

11 Mar 2016

Marcus Wild’s Vancouver

Our second tour of Vancouver comes to us courtesy of artist, Marcus Wild. Last summer, Wild challenged himself to draw one picture of Vancouver a day. “I’d ride around on my bike, find a nice spot to draw and sit there for three hours. The seawall is great. I could park

04 Mar 2016

Makers @ Lush

We can applaud Zoe B2 for the Fairy Dust Sparkling Dusting Powder. There she is smiling at us from the bottle, with her striking red hair and cheerful green shirt. Dil B1 gets the kudos for our Helping Hands Hand Cream. Poor Kate must sit in the fridge to stand guard over the

14 Feb 2016

Chalk Meet Cheese

If you choose two completely unrelated businesses, how long will it take you to invent a convincing product that unites them? Great creators from different centuries and different fields have talked about the magic that can bubble when seemingly unrelated ideas collide. Einstein called it Combinatory Play and of it he said:

05 Feb 2016

View from the Viaduct

If you’re looking for creative inspiration and a spectacular view of Vancouver, grab your camera or quick-sketch pens and walk up onto the Dunsmuir viaduct. The viaducts are slated for destruction – the city plans to replace them with an at-grade street network – so now is the time to

19 Jan 2016

The Birds

The Birds. What image comes to your mind when you hear those words? The Birds. Are you picturing gleeful little chickadees flying in and out of your birdhouse? Are you conjuring up the coo of happy to be homing doves? Or, like me, are you still haunted by memories of the Alfred Hitchcock

12 Jan 2016


‘They’re always with you. When people pass, your mom or your dad or whoever’s passed, they’re with you all the time. You have to remember that. They’re always with you, even though they’re on the other side. They never leave you.’ Mervin Point’s moving words are one of the first