06 Nov 2015

Love Your Beans

“You’re not going to do something that foolish, are you?” “Ya, I am,” said Montreal-born artist Cosimo Cavallaro, when being challenged about his Jelly Bean series. “All I want to do at the end of it is laugh. I want to have a laugh, you know?” Let’s hope, Cavallaro adds,

23 Oct 2015

Night-Lit Gardens

If you’re in Montreal and looking for a beautiful, holiday night-time activity, try the Botanical Gardens. Montreal Right now, the magical Gardens of Light – Jardins de lumière – are happening in the Chinese and Japanese sections of the Montreal Botanical Gardens. My Quynh Duong is the Artistic Designer behind these Montreal Gardens

17 Oct 2015

Harry Potter Rain City

‘The forest at Hogwarts is home to magical creatures like unicorns and centaurs,’ writes JK Rowling. ‘Because the Canadian editions are printed on Ancient-Forest Friendly paper, the Harry Potter books are helping to save magnificent forests in the muggle world, forests that are the home of magical animals such as

13 Oct 2015

Artist Unknown

You hear a lot about construction starts, but when exactly does the construction stop? 2015 seems to be International Year of the Refresh and the Rebuild. One interesting thing about all of those nailed-in sheets of plywood is the street artists they attract. Some of these illustrators, painters and collage-builders take good

22 Sep 2015

Etsy In Vancouver

Designer Cheralyn Chok is busy as ever. Between her business school classes, she is madly sewing ties. The Etsy Canada market is coming to town and Chok wants to make sure that she is not caught short. “I have no idea what to expect as I’ve never been before. But

20 Sep 2015

Penticton Farmers Market

As the sun inches into its fall retreat, there is still good time for a weekend trip to the Okanagan. For a well-rounded Interior experience, park your car by Okanagan Lake Beach on Penticton’s Lakeshore Drive. At this time of year, as you walk along the seawall, you won’t see a

11 Sep 2015

Ainsworth Design

As you wander around Granville Island, you never know which artists you will find showing their wares around the next corner. Some are set up in booths in the food market, some are performing outside and some are housed in the studios nestled between Arts Umbrella and Emily Carr University of

01 Sep 2015

The Street Pianos

Sometimes they are a reminder of how many talented performers live quietly after-hours, playing only for friends, small gatherings or perhaps no one but themselves. They will linger by those pianos plonked down in the middle of the sidewalk, then – bolstered by friends or a sudden surge of confidence –

30 Aug 2015


In a long trip to or away from home, airports make a difference. Will this airport be hectic, overwhelming and disorganized? Or will you be lucky enough to take off or land in a place that surprises you with its efficiency, atmosphere or art? YVR has come a long way

28 Aug 2015

Pumpkin Chai Panic

The scarcity principle works. Last week, I got word from a stealth source that maybe, just maybe, pumpkin chai tea would be available soon at David’s Tea. Since this, my newish favourite tea, is only available in Fall, every year I vow to stockpile. But, the piles are never high enough