23 Oct 2018

Halloween Houses ’18

If there’s one day that brings neighbourhood creatives out of hiding, it’s Halloween. Here’s our first look at some of the spooky stoops around Vancouver. www.creatorsvancouver.com

19 Oct 2018

Pressure Group 6

This may not yet be the most glorious October in Vancouver history. On October 11th, 1991, for instance, the temperature went up to 23.7 degrees Celsius. On Halloween night of 1984, on the other hand, trick or treaters had to contend with a low of minus 5.9 C. For the

14 Oct 2018

Fall @ UBC

You won’t find a lot of students oohing and aahing about the beauty of campus in the middle of midterms. But, on a sunny day in early October, the UBC campus is undeniably beautiful. Much of that beauty can be traced back to Frank Ebenezer Buck. Buck – who was

05 Oct 2018

A Casavant Brothers’ Organ

Papa Casavant built organs, much to the intrigue of his sons: Claver and Samuel.  After learning the craft in their father’s studio, Samuel and Claver traveled around Europe studying with organ masters, like John Abbey in Versailles. When they returned to Quebec, The Casavant Brothers set up their organ business in

30 Sep 2018

Henry Moore at Knife’s Edge

“I feel that I can best express myself, that I can best give outward form to certain inward feelings or ambitions by the manipulation of solid materials – wood, stone or metal.” So said Henry Moore at a 1952 address to the International Conference of Artists in Venice. “The problems

25 Sep 2018

Dali + Picasso

As a young artist, Salvador Dali revered Pablo Picasso who was twenty three years his elder. In 1926, when Dali finally had the opportunity to meet his idol in Paris, he said: “When I arrived at Picasso’s on Rue de la Boétie, I was as deeply moved and as full

23 Sep 2018

Fred Herzog’s Vancouver

What strikes you about your hometown? It is interesting to look at a city through the eyes of its artists. And who better to supply the view than celebrated photographer Fred Herzog? Herzog was born in Germany, emigrating to Vancouver in 1953. He went on to careers in both fine and

18 Sep 2018

The Birds Of False Creek

Melanie Daniels: “I keep telling you, this isn’t a few birds! There are gulls, crows, swifts….!” Mrs Bundy, elderly ornithologist: “I have never known birds of different species to flock together. The very concept is unimaginable. Why, if that happened, we wouldn’t have a chance! How could we possibly hope

14 Sep 2018

Shannon Mansion

‘Lanning’s thin cheeks quivered, “No, Quinn, no. There is nothing in the Rules of Robotics that makes any allowance for human guilt. A robot may not judge whether a human being deserves death. It is not for him to decide. He may not harm a human– variety skunk, or variety

28 Aug 2018

Fleming For Free @ UBC

With the high cost of living in Vancouver, it can be tough to find the money to get out to artist events. Thankfully, free options exist, including some wonderful options at UBC. Case in point: On September 18th at the Old Auditorium, the incredible Renée Fleming – most recently nominated