06 Dec 2020

Christmas With Chor Leoni

It’s been a long standing tradition in our family. At the end of years joyful and trying, three generations have bundled up to head downtown and, amidst the candles and stained glass, officially mark the start of the Christmas season with Chor Leoni’s stunningly beautiful Christmas concert. Founded by the

01 Dec 2020

The Toque Craft Fair

It doesn’t get much more Canadian than the toque. Or tuque. Or touque. Even the Oxford Dictionary agrees. ‘Toque. Canadian. A close-fitting knitted hat, often with a tassel or pom-pom on the crown.’ Some of you might even remember SCTV’s uber-Canadians Bob and Doug McKenzie – played by Rick Moranis

27 Nov 2020

Goh Ballet + Nutcracker 2020

Every December, families crowd downtown to watch the Goh Ballet’s wonderful production of The Nutcracker. It’s a professional showing that brings together Goh Academy protégées and Principal Dancers from professional, international ballet companies.. Vancouver’s Goh Ballet was founded in 1979 by Choo Chiat Goh and Lin Yee Goh, both originally

19 Nov 2020

Andre Petterson’s Clime

i. I am: a multi discipline artist who works with photographs, paint, assemblage, sculpture.   ii. On a ‘typical’ day during pandemic life, you’ll find me: Juggling activities such as painting the entire main floor of our house and making art. Being busy is good.   iii. Some shows, books

17 Nov 2020

Chutzpah! Festival 2020

i. Artistic Managing Director: Jessica Mann Gutteridge ii. The name of our upcoming festival is: The Chutzpah! Festival of International Jewish Performing Arts. iii. My role in the festival is: Artistic Managing Director. I oversee all programming and operations of the festival and the Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre. .

11 Nov 2020

Angel Of Victory

On this Remembrance Day, you might find people taking a moment to walk near a certain sculpture at the edge of Gastown. . . It was Coeur de Lion MacCarthy, a London-born sculptor, who created this Angel of Victory. The Angel lives outside the Waterfront Station, with her back to the

07 Nov 2020

Gabriola Hearts The Front Line

Pots and pans may not be clanging as loudly come 7 o’clock, but we have not forgotten the front line. Residents of Gabriola Island have been particularly ardent in showing their appreciation to health and essential workers. From ‘main’ roads to forested nooks, you’ll find gates and front yard trees

03 Nov 2020

Pat O’Hara +

“Every painting is a challenge,” says Vancouver artist Pat O’Hara in a Studio Tour short. “There’s chance, and obsession. Those are the three things that my work is all about.” “I’m most interested in colour,” says O’Hara, who cites Gordon Smith as the most influential person in her career. “I

25 Oct 2020

Dr. Jekyll + Mr. Hyde @ the Library

‘Let me but escape into my laboratory door, give me but a second or two to mix and swallow the draught that I always had standing ready; and whatever he had done, Edward Hyde would pass away like the stain of a breath upon a mirror; and there, in his

18 Oct 2020

Cake. A Modern Marie Antoinette

“I am terrified of being bored.” So said 21 year old Queen Marie Antoinette to Comte Florimond Mercy d’Argenteau, her Austrian advisor. Marie Antoinette would certainly not be bored by the notion of being fully festooned in carefully curated flowers then captured by a talented painter on a 6 by