28 Aug 2018

Fleming For Free @ UBC

With the high cost of living in Vancouver, it can be tough to find the money to get out to artist events. Thankfully, free options exist, including some wonderful options at UBC. Case in point: On September 18th at the Old Auditorium, the incredible Renée Fleming – most recently nominated

14 Aug 2018

Puccini to Rossini

In February of 1896, music critic Carlo Bersezio delivered his verdict on the first performance of Puccini’s new opera, La Bohème, in Turin. ‘La Bohème, even as it leaves little impression on the minds of the audience, will leave no great trace upon the history of our lyric theater, and

05 Aug 2018

Vancouver Pride Parade

Here in Vancouver, we love a parade! And none is greeted with more anticipation than the Pride Parade, downtown today, starting at noon. The imagination that goes into creating some of the costumes and floats is incredible; the community spirit even more so. Here is a video from filmmaker Jodi

03 Aug 2018


On the twenty year anniversary of Harry Potter, it is fitting that we celebrate Kidsbooks, the first Canadian store to sell JK Rowling’s tale of Hermione, Ron and their scarred friend: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Founded by Phyllis Simon in 1983, Vancouver’s Kidsbooks quickly became the go-to spot

29 Jul 2018

Caribbean Days

Back in the day, you had to put on your driving hat to get a shot of Caribbean culture in Vancouver: Ebony Eyes hair salon on Kingsway, the Patty Shop on Macdonald, the Caribbean Market in New West. When the Caribbean Festival launched in 1988, it was a chance to

24 Jul 2018

Paint It Blue

‘Blue is the typical heavenly colour,’ Kandinsky wrote. ‘The ultimate feeling it creates is one of rest. When it sinks almost to black, it echoes a grief that is hardly human. When it rises towards white, a movement little suited to it, its appeal to men grows weaker and more

22 Jul 2018

The Engagement Rings

What is one spot, anywhere in the world, that you think would be particularly romantic for a proposal? In their 2018 analysis of 10,000 proposal hashtags, the UK’s hitched built their Top Ten proposal spots across the world. ~ ~ According to the Ingle & Rhode’s analysis of proposal hashtags and

15 Jul 2018

Les Miz

As Jean Valjean sits alone in the candelight, dying, Cosette – the orphan he raised as his own, and Marius – her new husband – rush in.  ‘Cosette,’ Marius says, ‘your father is a saint.’ ‘When they wounded me He took me from the barricade Carried like a babe And

13 Jul 2018

The Golden Tree

As you make your way past the tangle of condos taking root at Cambie and Southwest Marine Drive, you’ll see it: a headless, hollow, golden tree. A 43 foot tall golden tree crafted from fiberglass and steel-reinforced resin. It is the result of 6,000 hours of work from renowned artist

08 Jul 2018

Mean Girls In Stanley Park

Though Mean Girls came out in 2004, you don’t have to wait long to find Cady Heron tangling with Regina George and the Plastics somewhere on TV. And now the Tina Fey-written screenplay has spawned a  2018 Mean Girls musical. When said musical didn’t win on any of its twelve Tony