05 Jul 2020

Joshua Jensen-Nagle’s Never Ending Summer

“I use photography as a medium to create, rather than document,” talented Canadian photographer Joshua Jensen-Nagle told us last year, “allowing the viewer to bring their own associations to the images.  My photographs are often described as dream-like and evocative, as I attempt to draw the viewer into the work

01 Jul 2020

Happy Canada Day

Amidst all that is happening in the world of 2020, we feel even more grateful to be living in Canada. Have a safe, healthy day. To ring us in, here are brass section members of our beloved Vancouver Symphony Orchestra playing our national anthem. Performing from downtown Vancouver are: VSO

30 Jun 2020

The Hobbit Houses

‘It had a perfectly round door like a porthole, painted green, with a shiny yellow brass knob in the exact middle…The best rooms were all on the left-hand side (going in), for these were the only ones to have windows, deep-set round windows looking over his garden …’ Tolkein started

16 Jun 2020

Happy 100th, Stanley Park Roses

With a budget of $3600, the Stanley Park Rose Garden opened in 1920. The donation came courtesy of the Kiwanis Club who wanted to ‘demonstrate the possibilities of rose culture in Vancouver, The City Beautiful.’ Forty-seven years later, Vancouverites chose the rose as our city’s official flower. Now, in its

12 Jun 2020

Michelle Nguyen: Predation

We’re excited that gifted artist, Michelle Nguyen, has a new show – Predation –  running online and in Toronto until June 20th. ‘This particular body of work,’ Nguyen writes in her artist statement, ‘explores the challenges of hybrid identity and cultural dysphoria through the utilization of representational binaries such as

07 Jun 2020

Got Craft

It’s been a tough Spring for artisans who rely on craft markets to build a living. One of Vancouver’s biggest maker events – Got Craft – has gone online. Today, until 5:00 pm PST, you can shop local with 70 creators and small shops, many of whom we have featured

29 May 2020

Indian Summer Festival

i. My name is: Sirish Rao ii. I am a: Writer, Festival Director III. On a ‘typical’ day during lockdown, you’ll find me: I wake up early and clatter off as many emails and cogent thoughts I can put down until my three year old daughter wakes too, and then

24 May 2020

Trading Post

How would you like to trade a new condition CCM pneumatic exerciser rowing machine for a reasonable set of encyclopedias? Or a Smith Corona typewriter for either a sewing machine or $35? And, if you have $350 lying around, can we interest you in a Princess model, fully automatic linseed

15 May 2020


Talented Vancouver artist, Andre Petterson, has created a new artwork, Storm, seen in our header. Storm, Petterson tells us,  “is from a new series I’m procrastinating about. Did I say that? I’ve been wanting to make a body of work about climate change and this is one of the first.

01 May 2020

Ballet BC

With Artistic Director Emily Molnar at its helm since 2009, Ballet BC has been daring in its repertoire, broad in its reach, and international in its impact. Under Molnar, Ballet BC has created more than 45 new contemporary ballet works with renowned choreographers such as Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar,