18 Oct 2019

Splash 2019

If you’re downtown today and can find a little spare time, head over to the Pendulum Gallery at 885 West Georgia. It’s the last day that the gorgeous works for Arts Umbrella’s Splash Art Auction will be on display in the lobby. ‘This fall marks Arts Umbrella’s 40th anniversary as

15 Oct 2019

Janna Hurtzig : First Pick Home Decor

i. I am a Textile based artisan, I work recycling cashmere, leather, denim and shearling to create Winterluxe Recycled Cashmere. ii. On a ‘typical’ day, you’ll find me: In my studio doing production or other show preparation, searching for textiles to recycle, or organizing my own market, First Pick Handmade.

01 Oct 2019

The Dominion Building

What inspired the Vancouver Fire Department to invest in a motorized aerial ladder? The mansard-roofed Dominion Trust Building, according to author Chuck Davis, or ‘Mr. Vancouver’, as he was known prior to his passing in 2010. With pride of placement across from Victory Square, the Beaux-Arts building was designed between

24 Sep 2019

Kelly Deck, Tommy Smythe + IDS

This weekend, from September 26th to the 29th, the Interior Design Show takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre. It’s an exciting four days celebrating creators and design products from across Canada. Over the huge space, you can browse new products, listen to speakers, shop, and snack. The 2019 list

10 Sep 2019

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden

It’s #1 on National Geographic’s City Gardens list. In their 2011 Secret Journeys of a Lifetime. 500 of the World’s Best Hidden Travel Gems, the National Geographic team writes: ‘Some of the world’s most fascinating gardens lie hidden, like little-known oases, in the middle of busy cities. For the largest

01 Sep 2019

Kerrisdale Antique Fair

With fewer and fewer antique shops open across the city, here’s a chance to admire the artisanry of the past and the curatorial vision of today’s dealers. Sunday of this Labour Day weekend is Day 2 of the Kerrisdale Antique Fair – booth after booth set up nicely around the

23 Aug 2019


You have two more days to head down to the Bau-Xi Gallery in South Granville to see Her: a beautiful exhibit from four women depicting women. Painters Darlene Cole and Vicki Smith showcase their work alongside photographers Barbara Cole and Virginia Mak. ‘The exhibition,’ we read, ‘seeks to provide a

20 Aug 2019

The Lightshed

If you visit this tiny house on stilts, you’ll hear kids and adults talking about climbing inside and claiming this hobbit house on the sea as their own. Lightshed was created by Vancouver artist and Emily Carr professor Liz Magor and installed in 2004. Magor won the Gershon Iskowitz Prize in 2014

06 Aug 2019

Giacometti @ The VAG

“If I ever succeed in realizing a single head,” 20th Century artist Alberto Giacometti said in a Swiss TV interview, “I’ll probably give up sculpture for good. But the funniest thing is, that if I were to do a head as I want to, then probably nobody would be interested in

28 Jul 2019

Community Gardens

‘Gardening is how I relax,’ said fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. ‘It’s another form of creating and playing with colours.’ De la Renta would have seen a lot of gorgeous colour in the community gardens that Vancouverites so lovingly tend on their own time. Here’s a look from the