27 Mar 2021

$1.49 Day Woodward’s

If you have been around Vancouver for a good while, you’ll remember the Woodward’s Department Store whistle. $1.49 day Woodward’s $1.49 day Tuesday Cue whistling.. Below, you’ll find the long version of Tony Antonias’ jingle, the one you couldn’t help but join in with some whistling of your own. As New Westminster resident

21 Mar 2021

A Fairytale Woodland Path

Gabriola Island is known for its remarkable natural beauty and for the generous spirit of its community. Both are evident in the Fantasy Pathway – a woods-cloaked haven for garden-tossed gnomes, aging teddy bears, and  long-forgotten tea guests. Created and tended by Gary Badke, a wooden flute-maker, the Fantasy Pathway

14 Mar 2021

The East Van Sign

From how many Vancouver viewpoints have you seen the East Van sign? Perhaps your normal commute takes you by and by the sign all week. Created by renowned Vancouver artist Ken Lum – and formally titled ‘Monument for East Vancouver’ – this 57 foot sculpture is designed with concrete, steel,

26 Feb 2021

VAG: Stories That Animate Us

From February 20th to August 22nd, the Vancouver Art Gallery is running a special exhibit entitled ‘Stories That Animate Us’. It’s an exhibit that asks us to consider how important storytelling is in our lives. ‘What stories inspire you? What stories need to be told and which will you pass

07 Feb 2021

Dial A Poem

Poetry is back. None rang the bell louder than Amanda Gorman – 2021 Inauguration poet, scheduled to perform today at the Super Bowl. . . Now, Vancouver is stanza-ready with its latest arts offering: Poetry Phone. In this 2021 initiative launched by the DVBIA, any of us can call 1.833.POEMS.

05 Feb 2021

VRS: Beyond The Concert Hall

“The Vancouver Recital Society,” renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma said, “has built a great reputation over the years, presenting a balance of wonderfully seasoned veterans and inspiring young artists.” How upsetting it is to scroll through the VRS 2020-21 season and see each and every concert stamped with an all-caps CANCELLED.

29 Jan 2021

Palm Springs Modernism Month

Every February, design enthusiasts descend on Palm Springs for Modernism Week. A little dry heat in the bones doesn’t hurt either. The goal of Modernism Week is to celebrate the area’s standout midcentury architecture and design. From CAMP Central Headquarters, you can head to special parties, lectures, films, night or

26 Jan 2021

Sylvia Tait’s Yesterday And Today

Talented West Coast artist Sylvia Tait describes how chaos informs her work. “Many of my artworks have “hard edge centers.” she says, “which slowly start to disintegrate and fall apart as they extend out to the edges of the surface. Everything falls apart, like life. There is something solid and

15 Jan 2021

The Poetry Project

It’s been a tough year for live art exhibits. But, ever enterprising, artists and gallery owners have been looking for new, safe ways to keep the show going. One such 2021 exhibit asked scholarship students to write poems inspired by a locally created work of art. We hear more about

01 Jan 2021

Yellow Flowers + Full Skin Potatoes for 2021

Come New Years Eve day in Peru, you’ll find families dressed in yellow as they bedeck their houses with yellow flowers, streamers, confetti. Yellow is said to be the colour of good luck. You might also find Peruvians placing three potatoes in reach, but out of sight. Perhaps under a