05 Sep 2021


‘The Thunderbird is the keeper of the sky. When she opens her eyes, the sun shines. When she ruffles her feathers, the wind blows. When she waves her great wings, lightning flashes; and when her wings slap together, thunder sounds. This Thunderbird, together with all the other creatures, is my

14 Aug 2021


Visit 1000 Eveleigh St downtown and you’ll see Dreamweaver, a beautiful mural created by artists Lauren Brevner and James Harry. On her Instagram, Laura Brevner shows us that she is Okinawan, Trinidadian, and German. And on his website, we learn that James (Nexw’Kalus-Xwalacktun) Harry was born in Vancouver and is

08 Aug 2021

Vancouver Mural Festival 2021

Since 2016, the Vancouver Mural Festival has been supporting the creation of murals across the city: more than 250! Now, in August of 2021, we will be able to discover 60 new murals across 11 neighbourhoods. The VMF list 6 key values that underpin their work: 1. Design for accessibility

23 Jul 2021

Rory Doyle Mural

If you haven’t been downtown for a while, you might not yet have seen the striking new mural by Vancouver artist Rory Doyle for Vancouver Mural Fest. Doyle both creates his own work and runs Sefton Design Studio. In creating this colourful work at Burrard near Thurlow, Doyle was assisted

21 Jul 2021

Pier Gallery @ Silva Bay

Art, water, blue sky, boats. What’s not to like? Gabriola Island – aka ‘Isle of the Arts’ – has a newly expanded gallery to show off the work of its rich roster of local artists. The Pier Gallery is an Artists Collective located on the water side of Pages Inn

11 Jul 2021

Gulf Island Flower Stands

If your BC weekend travel takes you to the Gulf Islands, keep an eye out for roadside flower stands. Local farmers and master gardeners put together gorgeous, natural bouquets with fresh out of the soil sweet peas, dahlias, irises, gladiolas.. This sweet flower stand on Gabriola Island also features little

22 Jun 2021

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

As the city slowly opens up, Vancouverites are delighted to once again visit the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden. And right now, the garden is featuring a special exhibit: Rivers Have Mouths. Rivers have Mouths is part of the Solidarity Public Art program which celebrates local Indigenous and Chinese Canadian

18 Jun 2021

Jeffrey Milstein Above Paris

In his gorgeous 2021 book Paris: From The Air, artist Jeffrey Milstein describes what it is like taking photos from chartered helicopters as he flies over cities like New York, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam. ‘It is a more difficult type of shooting from the air,’ he writes. ‘To achieve the

13 Jun 2021


In Vancouver, we know a lot more about umbrellas than parasols. Forecast rain? No problem. Let me choose from my bouquet of battered umbrellas. Shelter from the hot hot sun? Um. Maybe I should bring a hat? Now, we have the fanciest of parasols at the Bentall Centre. Giant, glowing

04 Jun 2021

Punjabi Market Walking Tour

On June 7th, the 2021 Indian Summer Festival begins. Now in its 11th year, the roster of events includes a Self-Guided Punjabi Market Walking Tour. To learn more about this intriguing event, we spoke to Jag Nagra, whose many roles at the festival include being named 2021 ISF Feature Artist.