26 Apr 2020

Colouring Their Art

Artists continue to bring beauty and richness to our lives under lockdown. We listen, we watch, we read, we build, and now we can de-stress by colouring within their creations. In 2016, The New York Academy of Medicine created #ColourourCollections, inspiring other libraries, museums, and cultural institutions to transform their

19 Apr 2020

Alice in Wonderland Day

Actually, Alice in Wonderland Day is not until July 4th: 158 years after author Lewis Carroll  – born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – first narrated the full story for young Alice Liddell. But, all bets are off in Quarantine 2020, so we’re celebrating early. . Soon her eye fell on a

14 Apr 2020

Online Harbour Dance Classes

It’s long been the place in Vancouver to drop in if you’re looking for professional-level dance classes. Across dance disciplines, you’ll find talented, working dancers both teaching and taking classes at Harbour Dance. It’s also an inspiring place to take beginner classes. Peek through advanced windows to imagine where you

12 Apr 2020

Chasing Vancouver Blossoms

It’s Cherry Blossom Season 2020 in Vancouver. Peering out the window, you’ll still see families dressed in their best pinks, following their GPS guides to the best tree, and posing this way then that for selfies and tripods. But, with physical distancing comes a new tactic: park as close as

07 Apr 2020

The 9 Now 7 O’Clock Gun

It’s the Vancouver monument with the best Twitter account. February 26th: ‘Boom!’ February 27th: ‘Boom!’ February 28th: ‘Boom!’ February 29th: ‘Boom!’ . . Since 1898, Vancouver’s 9 O’Clock Gun – located in Stanley Park – has let out its great canon boom at 9 p.m. Well, 9 p.m give or

08 Mar 2020

The Royals Open Lions Gate Bridge

Blimey. The King and Queen are coming to … Rest easy, Carson. Downton has done its bit. It’s May, 1939 and King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I are coming to Vancouver. Their official duty? To open the Lions Gate Bridge. This landmark suspension bridge has been a long time

23 Feb 2020

Spring Mood In Southlands

The calendar and morning windshields may not agree, but it’s starting to feel like spring in Vancouver. To ride the vernal mood, we visited Southlands Nursery – the vignette-filled, green creation of local artisans Thomas Hobbs and Brent Beattie. . . Next up? Watching sun-happy horses clomping around the Southlands

21 Feb 2020

Centre Stage Hologram

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” Back in 1977, Princess Leia – with the fine help of R2-D2 – surprised the audience, and Luke Skywalker, by appearing in holographic form to deliver a most important message. “General Kenobi. Years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars.

18 Feb 2020

Our Bed Of Roses

Did you know that the rose is the Official Flower of Vancouver? It was so deemed in December 14, 1967. Other flowers had vied for our city crown: the dahlia, the sweet pea, the spring flowers of the BC-official dogwood tree. But, on that mid-December day, the rose prevailed. It will

07 Feb 2020

Streamers @ MOV

‘It is in our blood to protect this land.’ 23  year old  Tsleil-Waututh Nation Artist, Ocean Hyland, offers this introduction for her Water and Blood streamer, now on display at the Museum of Vancouver. Hyland is one of seven Pacific Northwest indigenous artists featured in the MOV’s new exhibit: Acts of