26 Sep 2021

High Anxiety

‘High Anxiety’. These are words we’ve heard a lot over the last two years. Fitting, then, that the Mónica Reyes Gallery has mounted an exhibit to capture our collective angst. Curated by Canadian painter Mina Totino, ‘High Anxiety’ features artists Stan Douglas, Russna Kaur, Myfwanwy MacLeod, Nicole Ondre, Philippe Raphanel,

21 Sep 2021

Lorna Simpson

In 2019, renowned African American artist, Lorna Simpson, received the prestigious Getty Medal. Simpson, said James Cuno, President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust, “is at once a photographer and multimedia artist whose work is both trenchant in its critique of race, gender, and identity, and exquisite in

19 Sep 2021

Erin Armstrong ’21

Five weeks ago, Erin Armstrong – the exciting, Toronto-based young artist  – wrote on her Instagram: ‘After months of working away in my art dungeon, I’ve finally finished all of my paintings for my upcoming solo show in Toronto’. All that time in the dungeon served Armstrong well.  This latest

10 Sep 2021

Seema Shah

i. I am a: Collage artist ii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: That my creative process is most fluid when I don’t feel the pressure for my work to “be” a certain way. Because I work intuitively and my art is a

07 Sep 2021

Ginger Sedlarova @ The Cultch

i. I am a: Collage artist ii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: That working with collage, all those wonderful shapes and textures and images, not only makes me happy and fulfills my creative needs, but allows me to work with dozens of

31 Aug 2021

Flamenco, Fashion

As flamenco heels stamp from Spain to Mexico, Japan, Albuquerque, Vancouver, other artists can’t help but be inspired by the rhythms, the colours, the percussive guitars. We’ve seen flamenco’s influence on symphonic repertoire, the Billboard 100, contemporary dance, and mixed media installations. Over decades, we have also seen the impact

24 Aug 2021

A Seat At The Table

If you visit Columbia and East Pender, you’ll find artist Cheng Shu Ren’s ‘Snapshots of History’ mural, created in 2010. ‘These murals,’ we read, ‘commemorate the history of the Chinese Canadians and recognize their significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of Vancouver, British Columbia and Canada for over a

06 Aug 2021

Bau-Xi Photo Gallery Artists

From August 7th to 21st, a selection from the talented range of artists from Bau-Xi Photo have their works on display. A peek into the roster … . . Kim Keever. Abstract 48421 . Joshua Jensen-Nagle. Alone in the Garden . Jeffrey Milstein. Container Ship, Port of Newark. . George

16 Jul 2021

Antarctica: Life Emerging

Have you seen ‘Antarctica: Life Emerging’? It’s a beautifully moving 13 minute film focused on safeguarding Antarctica and highlighting three new marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The film features a solo by the ever-talented cellist Yo-Yo Ma and gorgeous cinematography by Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen: National

06 Jul 2021

Barbara Cole +

‘Creating art has changed my life,’ talented Canadian artist Barbara Cole told us in 2019. It ‘has allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know possible.’ From July 10th to 24th, the Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto is showing Cole’s new work in an exhibit entitled ‘Appearances’. ‘In Appearances,’ we