12 Aug 2022

Free Outdoor Movies @ šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn

Are you looking for something free and different to do on a sunny Vancouver evening? Vancouver Civic Theatres are hosting free outdoor movie nights – weather permitting –  at šxʷƛ̓exən Xwtl’a7shn, right outside Queen Elizabeth Theatre. As the organizers say: ‘Come enjoy a hit movie on our huge inflatable screen

09 Aug 2022


It’s ‘floreale’ in Italian. ‘Of flowers’, or ‘floral’ in English. We can appreciate the floreale in Vancouver gardens and neighbourhood shops this summer. We can also look to the exhibit running at Vancouver’s Bau-Xi Gallery until August 18th. ‘Floreale’ is the Bau-Xi’s latest Summer Group Exhibition featuring artists Cara Barer,

26 Jul 2022

Joanna Lovett @ Harmony Arts

i. I am a jewellery designer and maker.  ii.  The name and date of the show I’ll be in next is: Harmony Arts!  Harmony Arts is a wonderful, welcoming celebration of live music, handmade art and so much fun. It’s held along the waterfront in West Vancouver. The festival runs for two

15 Jul 2022

Tiffany Ayalik + Okpik: Little Village In The Arctic

i. Name: Tiffany Ayalik ii. I am: A filmmaker and musician. iii. The name and premiere of my current documentary is: ‘Okpik: Little Village in the Arctic’ premiering on August 5 in Inuvialuktun on CBC Gem and August 6 in English on CBC Manitoba.    Indigo. Photo by Kelly Kamo McHugh   . iv.

07 Jul 2022

Annie Briard. Superlucent

i. Name: Annie Briard ii. I am an expanded photography and media artist  iii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: I can be a successful artist and also a mother (I had a baby in the summer of 2020). I was surprised to learn

04 Jul 2022

Henry Mah. Parts Of A City

i. I am an: Art based Photographer ii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: Trust your own vision and stay patient. iii. The name and date of my current exhibit/show is: ‘Parts of a City’. Opening is at Mónica Reyes Gallery, 602 E. Hastings Street.

21 Jun 2022

Sonny Tags Emily

In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are looking back at a particular striking exhibit by Sonny Assu at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Assu is currently represented by Equinox Gallery: Sonny Assu @ Equinox Gallery . ‘It was, like, a super long time ago that ppl were here, right?’

20 Jun 2022

Something Rotten. Kamyar Pazendeh @ TUTS

i. My name: Kamyar Pazandeh . ii. I am an: Actor and Singer . iii. Other ways I would describe myself: I am someone who enjoys a good challenge, whether it’s diagnosing why a pc keeps restarting, building a driftwood fence, or learning a new nocturne on the piano. .

16 Jun 2022

We Will Rock You. Jessica Spenst @ TUTS

i. My name: Jessica Spenst ii. I am a: Musical theatre performer based in Vancouver on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. iii. Other ways I would describe myself: Neuro-divergent performer/human and a member of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community. Some career highlights for me so far:

12 Jun 2022

Elliott Ramsey. Ghosts of the Machine

i. My name: Elliott Ramsey ii. My art-related career: Curator, The Polygon Gallery iii. The name of our upcoming exhibit is: Ghosts of the Machine iv. Its location: The Polygon Gallery at 101 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver v. The exhibit runs from: Now through August 14, 2022 vi. My role in the