23 Nov 2022

Steven Nederveen. The Ocean in Us

i. Name: Steven Nederveen ii. I am a mixed media artist. iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is: The Ocean in Us November 19 – 30th, 2022 Bau-Xi Gallery – 3045 Granville Street, Vancouver,  BC,  V6H 3J9 . Steven Nederveen. Opening . iv. In describing the show in 3

15 Nov 2022

Ann Goldberg. Perennial Canadians

i. Name: Ann Goldberg  ii. I am a: Hyperrealist painter   iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is: ‘Perennial Canadians, Connecting to Nature During the Pandemic’ Solo exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver. The show runs from Monday, November 28th, 2022 to Thursday, January 12th, 2023. I will be

01 Nov 2022

Michelle Nguyen. Horror Vacui

We’re always intrigued by the work of artist Michelle Nguyen, and curious about what she will do next. Now, we’re delighted to discover that she has an upcoming new exhibit. Its title? ‘Horror Vacui’. This phrase – Horror Vacui – is based on New Latin for ‘fear of empty space’.

23 Oct 2022

Cole Schmidt @ Ironfest III

i. My Name: Cole Schmidt ii. I am a: composer/guitarist/programmer/pizza lover iii. The name, date, and location of our show is: IRONFEST III November 3-5th The Ironworks (235 Alexander st.) https://www.coastaljazz.ca/ . Cole Schmidt. Photo by Craig Sinclair . iv. In describing this show in 3 sentences or less, I’d

20 Oct 2022

Lam Wong. Ghosts From Underground Love

The hidden passage to a secret land. There is such magic in childhood books that sneak us into vibrant new worlds through the back of a wardrobe, the hollow of a tree, the deep of a puddle. It’s not often that you get that ‘passing through a portal’ feeling as

18 Oct 2022

Soweto Gospel Choir

‘HOPE. It’s been a long time coming’. That’s a sentiment many can relate to after a jarring few years. It’s also the title of an upcoming concert by the Soweto Gospel Choir at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Saturday, November 12th. This three-time Grammy Award-winning group came together as South Africa

09 Oct 2022

Dianna Bonder +

‘Adoptions now open!’ So writes the wildly imaginative artist and award-winning children’s book illustrator, Dianna Bonder. Bonder is referring to her latest creations: ‘Four Fab Frenchies’. ‘These furry freaks’, she tells us, ‘are now up for adoption (for a fee)’. The first-born, as you’ll see above, came out blue. ‘Love

06 Oct 2022

North Shore Art Crawl

150 artists, 88 venues. That’s what you’ll find if you head to the 2022 North Shore Art Crawl, running from the evening of Friday, October 14th to Sunday, October 16th. If you’re not already on the North Shore, it’s well worth the trip over to visit artists in their studios.

30 Sep 2022

James Harry

Today, on the National Day For Truth And Reconciliation, we are humbled to be wearing a beautifully moving orange t-shirt created by artist James (Nexw’Kalus-Xwalacktun) Harry. Harry’s work – captured above – was designed for Arts Umbrella, with all proceeds going to UNYA, the Urban Native Youth Association, to benefit

14 Sep 2022

Sebastián Maquieira. Lost And Found Gardens

i. Name: Sebastián Maquieira ii. I am an:  Artist that works with  images, objects and words. iii. The name, date, and location of my current exhibit/show is:  “Lost and Found Gardens”, opening on Saturday September 10 at Monica Reyes Gallery. 602 E Hasting St.  . Blue Forest . iv. In