06 Sep 2020

Ingrid Rose Floral Artistry

Natalia Solis Vermette i. I work as a: florist ii. I do this creative work because: Flowers are something that found me after many years of searching for what I can only describe as the missing piece of my soul. I rely enormously on the creative process of working with

28 Aug 2020

Kerry James Marshall

For we magazine addicts, the September issue has always been notable, particularly in the world of fashion. Just how thick will it be? What kind of new fashions will be featured inside? And, highlight, who will be on the cover? Vogue Magazine has led the way for September issues. So

14 Aug 2020

Deagan McDonald

i. I work as : a furniture and product designer, working primarily with wood. My wife Kelsey and I founded Origins back in 2015 as a bit of an evening/weekend hobby (we were both working full time otherwise) and as a platform to discover our own voices in design. It has

31 Jul 2020

Francesca Albertazzi + Emma Kelly

i. We work as an: Interior Design & Project Management Firm – Rudy Winston Design. ii. We do this creative work because: Francesca: What a weighty question… why do I do what i do? Because It’s what I do, I mean – it’s in me. I’ve always walked into a space and thought about

28 Jul 2020

Amartei Armar +

i. I work as a film director currently working in the Ghanaian film industry. I create various multimedia works such as short narrative films, corporate documentaries, music videos, and commercials. ii. I do this creative work because: I’ve always been drawn towards stories and storytelling. Stories are impactful. They shape

26 Jul 2020

Nikki Alagha

i. I work as an Industrial Designer, maker and artist. ii.  I do this creative work because: It brings me joy! I thrive on seeing an idea come to life. I have tried different jobs, but being creative just keeps me balanced. iii. A ‘typical’ day for me under Covid lockdown

24 Jul 2020

Lisa Turner

i. I work as an artist, designer and Creative Director of Quake Studio. ii. I do this creative work because: My work fulfils an intrinsic desire to blend art and design, concept and creation, function and beauty with human vulnerability and the natural world. iii. A typical day for my

17 Jul 2020

Steven Nederveen +

“I use meditation and time spent in nature to heighten my senses and take in my surroundings.” This, talented artist Steven Nederveen told us last year, “helps me as a person and as an artist. I try to use these insights to inform my work.” “I use my work,” Nederveen also

03 Jul 2020

Sandeep Johal

i. I work as an: illustrator, painter, and muralist. ii. I do this creative work because: It fulfills me like nothing else (and it pays my bills). iii. A ‘typical’ day for me under Covid lockdown involves: No real plan, doing things at a leisurely pace, being more present. I

21 Jun 2020

The Girl And The Wolf

‘Everything got quiet and dark. The girl felt cold and scared. She didn’t know what to do.’ ‘Out from between the trees, a tall grey wolf with big white teeth appeared. The girl was very still. “What are you doing out here by yourself?” asked the wolf. “I lost my